April 16, 2018

5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs

5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs Writer: “Will” The bed bug is a tiny and elliptical insect that feeds on human and animal blood. This bloodsucking creature that crawls out of its hiding place at night prefers to live in the gaps between the bed frame and the mattress. However, it favors natural materials like fabric or wood over plastic and metal. One attribute in its favor is that it does not transmit disease. Ugh! And the real shocker is that this insect can even be found in the cleanest households or five-star hotels. So, say goodbye […]
December 11, 2017

Surburban Secrets – Dangers Lurking In Your Back Yard By Paul Denikin

Your home is a sanctuary for you and your family. But it’s also home for scores of wild animals and insects that don’t see a fence as a boundary. So, what kinds of creatures are lurking on your lawn? Read on to find out.   Raccoons, opossums, and skunks. These small and subjectively adorable mammals often come out at night to dig through the buffet that is your trashcan. While their natural instinct is to turn and run, raccoons, opossums, and skunks can and will defend themselves. Skunks, obviously, engage in chemical warfare enough to send even the most daring […]
September 21, 2017

James Rodriguez: JT Eaton Company

    When it comes to being a trail blazer in the pest control industry, JT Eaton has stood the test of time. JT Eaton, which was founded in 1932, was one of the first American made family run pest supply companies. We were so curious about them and their success we had to find out a bit more about them. Who better to ask then their hard working Technical Director and Western Territory Manager, James Rodriguez. Hey James! We know you are a super busy guy so we appreciate you taking out the time to chat with us. Please introduce yourself! […]
September 9, 2017

Keeping The Rodents Out With Xcluder!

  Since fall is coming and rodent season is right around the corner, we thought we would reach out to the Xcluder company with some questions about their rodent exclusionary products. Pest professionals all across the country trust and use Xcluder for most of their rodent exclusion work. Global Material Technologies was founded in 1896 as the American Steel Wool Manufacturing Company. To this day GMT still specializes in the manufacture, processing and finishing of metal wools and fibers though the number and types of products we produce has expanded. One example of that expansion is the Xcluder line of rodent […]
August 4, 2017

Q & A With Tuck Sleep

For those of you unfamiliar with the newly launched Tuck sleep (formally Sleepdex.org), it’s a huge sleep portal dedicated the advancement of better sleep that also features a unique take on sleep product information. Kayla Johnson recently got in contact with us about a larger guide to dealing with bed bugs so we thought sharing with a Q&A would be ideal. Check it out below! James :Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today, Kayla. Please introduce yourself. Kayla : My pleasure, James! My name is Kayla Johnson and I’m a community relations specialist at Tuck, […]
August 4, 2017

What To Expect When Hiring An Exterminator

Its 11:00pm and you’ve gotten out of bed to grab a glass of water when you see something flash out of the corner of your eye. It was a mouse! You scream and jump on the table, grab your phone and do a yelp search for local exterminators. You find someone reputable and they tell you they will be out first thing in the morning. You grab a bat and run back into bed slowly waiting for the sun to rise so the pied piper can come and remove the mouse. Heres what the PCO should be doing and what you […]
August 4, 2017

The 1st Annual Pestocratic National Convention

2016 is a very serious year in pest politics as nature is as its tipping point. As many know the Cimexacrats have been trying to take over the country out of the hands of the long reigning Blattariacrats. The Blattariacrats have been known to been in power since even when the dinosaurs were around. But, since the big Bed Bug Lives Matter movement has taken over in 2010 the bed bugs have been taking over big cities all over this country. Today we will be sharing views of both sides of the parities in this years 1st convention and will […]
August 4, 2017

Talking To An Old Friend, Mickey Ferrell Jr.

There is nothing more to say about Mickey Ferrell Jr. other than he is a true go getter. You drop this guy Mickey in the middle of the ocean with just a life jacket and he will find a way to build a fire. Mickey grew up in the pest control industry and now has happily made a career in real estate. In todays blog we interviewed Mickey and asked him how he made his jump from pest control into the great world of real estate. Mickey speaks about the similarities in both industries and how pest control taught him a […]
August 4, 2017

5 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

Everyone loves spring time– until it comes to ants infesting your kitchen. Most homeowners have a some traumatic ant infestation memories. Like the time you were having a birthday party for your kids and found ants all over the cake! Then all the kids screamed and yelled “Ew, Ants!”.  How embarrassing that was.  Other then having a regular visit from a pest control company this spring, there are things you can do in your home to keep the ants away. Although the best way is to guarantee no ants is to hire a pro, today we will give you some […]
August 4, 2017

What Your Fly Infestation May Be Telling You

When homeowners witness flies buzzing around their home their first instinct is to reach for the electric fly swatter or the can o’ bug spray. The reality is that these flies can be House Flies or “filth flies” and are always an indication of a larger problem within the home. Although they are very unsightly nuisance pests they also spread all different types of yuckie bacteria. Hiring a pest management professional is a very good idea when trying to treat your fly problem as the PMP will investigate further as to what the larger problem in your residence may be. […]
August 4, 2017

April Is National Pest Management Month

The month of April is here and not only does it deliver us springtime beauty, the flowers blooming and creepy crawlies but it also delivers us national pest management month! National pest management month is a time to appreciate pest management as an entire industry. There are so many problems that pest management has provided solutions for over many years and April is a good time to reflect on those benefits. When you see your local PCO give them a wave and a thanks for keeping this world a little bit safer by managing the pests that carry so many […]
August 4, 2017

Creating A Space To Manage Your Pest Control Business

We reached out to Patrick Baldwin of PestWorksapp.com as his new app is spreading fire throughout social media. Before we tried it out our selves we decided to reach out to Patrick and we asked him if he could tell us a bit about the new app and how its a game changer. Since the market is cluttered with so many PCO software apps and programs we asked them to explain what they have going for them that will project them into the PC Industry. They replied — “Bob Howard and Patrick Baldwin, co-owners of 855bugs.com, have used four different […]
August 4, 2017

Q&A with FMC’s Kevin Laycock

The job of working for a professional chemical company sure is a busy one and we always appreciate when someone from FMC reaches out and agrees to do an interview with us. Here, we’ve gotten into contact with FMC’s Kevin Laycock who has a family history of pest control ever since he could remember. Check out our short but sweet interview with Kevin and see what he’s got to say about Transport, Aresols and what its like working for FMC! James: We’ve been using Transport GHP and Transport Mikron for bed bugs. Any reason you think that product is working great for us? Kevin: That’s […]
August 4, 2017

5 Things You Shouldnt Say To A Pest Management Professional

Working in a service industry such as pest control, PCOs have interactions with all types of people through out the day. Other then exterminating pests and making peoples homes and businesses a safer place, PCOs also speak with people about their pest issues amongst other conversations. Sometimes people see pest control professionals as college drop outs or working a 2nd job. Today we’ve made a list of 4 Things you shouldn’t say to a pest control professional –Well thats at-least if you want a good job. “I went to college so I didn’t have to be an exterminator”. First of […]