Q&A with FMC’s Kevin Laycock

The job of working for a professional chemical company sure is a busy one and we always appreciate when someone from FMC reaches out and agrees to do an interview with us. Here, we’ve gotten into contact with FMC’s Kevin Laycock who has a family history of pest control ever since he could remember. Check out our short but sweet interview with Kevin and see what he’s got to say about Transport, Aresols and what its like working for FMC!

  • James: We’ve been using Transport GHP and Transport Mikron for bed bugs. Any reason you think that product is working great for us?
  • Kevin: That’s terrific to hear.  Lab research by Dr. Potter at the University of Kentucky is proving Transport GHP to be one of the most effective bed bug products on the market.   Transport GHP is formulated as a WP (wettable powder), works fast, is long lasting and often achieves control of bed bugs – including pyrethroid-resistant strains – within 24 hours. There is also patented synergy between bifenthrin and acetamiprid.
  • James: More and more we are using aerosols. We know sometimes they can act as a repellant which isn’t good. But what are the pros of aerosols?
  • Kevin: Aerosols are very convenient from both a size and cost perspective. With aerosols, PMPs don’t need to mix product on site, so you get quick and easy product application without the need for additional, clunky equipment.  For example, Dos Flea and Crawling Insect Spray, with Dual Spray Action, offers crack and crevice and broadcast applications in one container.  Streamlining equipment and products also looks more professional to the customer, which helps with perception issues that PMPs sometimes face in the home.
  • James: Pest control runs in your family, right?
  • Kevin:  Correct.  My father spent over 30 years in the business, primarily with Residex.  I first became interested in pest control when he did a presentation for my class in elementary school.  The whole grade was fascinated because my dad worked with bugs every day. Also, every January, I would help him put together materials for his upcoming sales trainings.  So, pest control piqued my interest at an early age.
  • James: What’s it like working for FMC?
  • Kevin:  The past six months have been great.  FMC has a strong reputation in the industry and it’s a fast-paced organization, which I like. We are currently going through a lot of integration after the Cheminova acquisition; it’s exciting.  The future is bright for us in the U.S. and globally.
  • James: We are happy to hear you guys have a positive outlook on the future growth of FMC. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The pest control industry seems to be one of those industries that will always see growth. Thank you for the interview Kevin, now get back to work making FMC great!
  • Kevin: Yes, thank you!

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