Creating A Space To Manage Your Pest Control Business

We reached out to Patrick Baldwin of as his new app is spreading fire throughout social media. Before we tried it out our selves we decided to reach out to Patrick and we asked him if he could tell us a bit about the new app and how its a game changer. Since the market is cluttered with so many PCO software apps and programs we asked them to explain what they have going for them that will project them into the PC Industry. They replied —

“Bob Howard and Patrick Baldwin, co-owners of, have used four different software systems in the last six years. They could tolerate them, but each did not live up to the standards required to run an efficient operation from the office and the field. Enough was enough. That’s why we created PestWorks, a new online pest control management software made by a pest control operators for pest control operators.

Finding a platform that meets the specific needs of your business can be a frustrating process. From scheduling and tracking customer account information to determining if a program is easy-to-use, the perfect platform is almost impossible to find.

At PestWorks, our overall goal is to allow business owners and technicians to spend more time on delivering the best pest control service by providing an easy solution for them to run their business.

Able to adapt to your needs, PestWorks supports your business through essential features such as:

• Technician Dashboard– view all jobs and their status

• Bucket jobs– see monthly jobs alongside the calendar to encourage productive  employees

• Functionality – fully functional from the office and the field on all devices

PestWorks is also currently developing new features such as auto-pay, print-to-mail and a front owner’s dashboard to enhance the convenience of the program. PestWorks will soon include an industry-exclusive, proprietary Potomac Pest Control Group Index. Potomac tracks the price and terms of pest control transactions and maintains the largest database of pest control valuations in the world. This will allow business owners to ability to track the value of their business daily.

PestWorks software is available as a demo online at or as a 14-day free trial which can convert to a full subscription at $49 monthly per user.

With more than 33 years of experience in the pest control industry, we wanted to create a space where business owners could effortlessly track the value of their business and technicians could manage their monthly jobs with ease.

Universal truth – Time is our most valuable asset, and PestWorks reflects that. Built with technicians and salespeople in mind, PestWorks allows paperwork to be completed on-site instead of in an office at the end of the day, which allows you to get your life back.”

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