Where do bed bugs come from?

When we are on bed bug inspections and bed bug jobs the most common question we get is, “Where did these things originate from?”. Although we know bed bugs have evolved from bat bugs that were once found in caves we are not sure about how this change has happened.

In caveman/cavewoman times, bat bugs lived in caves and fed on small birds and mainly bats. When cave people began living in caves its quite possible that bed bugs have adapted behaviors to start to feed on humans also. Humans are a bigger target, dont fly and can provide a better blood meal which is why this adaptation was inevitable.

As time passed, homo sapiens moved out of caves into tent like structures, then INTO mud home and fast forward to 2020, posh modern homes. Its amazing to imagine that bed bugs have been along for this journey throughout centuries and to this day, are still bugging us humans!

Please feel free to message us or email us if you suspect you are having a bed bug issue, no matter where you are, cave –or park slope, brooklyn :).

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