Top 5 places cockroaches hide in your kitchen.

German cockroaches are known to be very adaptable insects. Rumor is that German cockroaches would be able to live through a nuclear war. As a company who treats german cockroaches in Brooklyn NYC we can assure you that these cockroaches are indestructible. Today we are going to list the top five places that we find cockroaches when we are servicing a home in Brooklyn NYC.

  1. German cockroaches love to hide behind electrical switch plates. When we perform cockroach treatments we will always have our clients remove the electrical switch plates so we can inspect and treat behind these areas. Cockroaches are small enough to fit in spaces in and around the plates and can lay eggs and breed behind these plates. They can also enter the walls and travel to other rooms and floors via this method.
  2. Dark, warm places are a favorite place for cockroacehs to hide. One of those places are underneath the kitchen sink. Before we perfom a cockroach service we ask our customers to clean out the space under the sink. We then lay on our backs and look up and under the sink with a bright light. When we look around the boarder of the sink we will usually find a few dozen cockroaches. They love this area because of the humidity and moisture.
  3. Behind the refrigerator is a big hot spot for hidden cockroaches. The compressor provides a lot of heat which cockroaches favor. During a fumigation we will always pull out the refrigerator to inspect and treat behind there.
  4. Small appliances like blenders, toasters, microwaves and air fryers are a cockroach HAVEN! These small appliances are never washed properly and there are always food residues left behind for the bugs. Look underneath these appliances to inspect for cockroaches.
  5. The 5th and last place is around the dishwasher housing. This is a dark, humid environment where cockroaches can live undisturbed. We have seen hundreds of cockroaches in this area as they can go undetected for some time around this area.

If you have any specific questions about cockroaches we are always here for help. Send a note to [email protected]

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