August 7, 2017

History of Pest Control: A Brief Timeline

In the past as well as present, pest control is has always been a necessity. As early as man could document there has been evidence of pest management methods as early as 2500 B.C. ( In some cases, even earlier ). As our past blog post has suggested there are many beneficial insects to the environment. As those insects turn into actual pests, we need to develop pest management methods to minimize and sometime completely eradicate these pests. In todays blog post we will touch on the historic view of pest management. 2500 B.C. There was evidence suggesting this to […]
August 7, 2017

4 Reasons to support local businesses

When a customer is shopping around for a service company or product, many of them will debate whether to use a local small business or a large corporation. There are advantages, as well as disadvantages to both. For example, when purchasing appliances for your home you may want to go with well known brands. The reasoning behind using a larger company is that those brands have a  long standing reputation and great product guarantees. There are also times you would use local small businesses. In todays blog post we will speak about the advantages of using a small business, when […]
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