Bed Bug Inspection

Accurate detection of bed bugs is key in any bed bug treatment service. All of our technicans are certified in bed bug inspections and have perfomed thousands of inspections with great success. The first step in performing a successful bed bug treatment is the inspection. The inspection will help us understand what rooms the bed bug problem is located, the duration it has been around and if it has migrated from an adjoining room, apartment or even home. Once the inspection is performed we explain what prep work is expected to you and then we set the treatment date.

Bed bug treatment prep sheet

Bed Bug Treatments

No bed bug infestations are alike. We apply all the information from our initial bed bug inspection to help guide us through treatment. During the bed bug treatment, we use all EPA registered products and apply them in a manner that is safe for you and your family. Since there have been recent studies done that show that certain strains of bed bugs are becoming resistant to pyrethroid class insecticides, we are sure to use products that can eliminate these strains of bed bugs.

Post bed bug treatment sheet


Living with rodents can be very stressful and is a health hazard. We use multiple methods to eliminate rats and mice in homes with safety in mind. Outsmarting the rodents is key to a successful treatment. Following our rodent treatments, we will work directly with you and explain what proper sanitation efforts can be implemented to continue a successful outcome.


In New York City, there are many different types of ants that a customer may be having an issue with. Instead of just using the "spray and pray" method of some other companies we arrive with all products needed for any ant situation. Identifying the ant will tell us a bit more about treatment. Some types of Ants need gel bait treatments while others need sprays and dusts. Understanding the behavior of the target ant is important in solving any ant problem.


Prior to our flea treatment we send our clients a preparation sheet so they can prepare their home for treatment. The better preparation the clients do, the more comprehensive our treatment is.

Other than using a product that kills the fleas on contact we also use an Insect growth regulator which works almost like an insect birth control. The insect growth regulator will hinder the hatching of flea eggs.

Flea treatment Prep sheet


The two most common cockroaches in Brooklyn are the American cockroach (Waterbugs) and the German Cockroach. Identifying the type of roach will help us to understand where to treat and what to use. We will also make recommendations to the clients about how they can keep the roaches away in the future such as implementing strict sanitation guidelines.

Roach treatment prep sheet

Post roach treatment sheet


We also perform services for spiders, centipedes, silverfish, moths, wasps, and flies. Contact us today so we can understand your pest problem and work together to reach a solution. Let our family help your family!

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