April 16, 2018

5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs

5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs Writer: “Will” The bed bug is a tiny and elliptical insect that feeds on human and animal blood. This bloodsucking creature that crawls out of its hiding place at night prefers to live in the gaps between the bed frame and the mattress. However, it favors natural materials like fabric or wood over plastic and metal. One attribute in its favor is that it does not transmit disease. Ugh! And the real shocker is that this insect can even be found in the cleanest households or five-star hotels. So, say goodbye […]
August 7, 2017

How to inspect your own home for bed bugs

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we know how important it is for our customers to check their homes for bed bugs. We recommend to do an inspection at least once every two weeks. It may seem a little often, but believe us it is more of a nuisance to have a bed bug infestation then to just check your bed once a month. We will provide you below with some tips on how to check your bed for bed bugs, and some other places to look as well. If you have a suspicion you do have bed bugs, It is always a good […]
August 7, 2017

How am i sure if i have bed bugs?

Northeastern Exterminating always tries to give our customers good accurate advice. When we don’t know the answers to our customers questions, we research the topic as much as possible and then get back to them. We realize an educated customer is a happy customer. The number one call we get to our office is ” I am getting bites, but i am not sure if they are bed bug bites or not”. They ask ” How am i sure if i have bed bugs or not?”. This question opens many, many doors. Accusations of possible bed bug infestations take much […]
August 7, 2017

Insects that resemble bed bugs

To the untrained eye, there are many insects and mites that resemble bed bedbugs. Here at Northeastern Exterminating  We offer free pest identification through our email. If customers suspect they found a bed bug in their home we encourage them to send us a photo. 75% of the time it is a false alarm. Every so often we go on an inspection because the customer told us they found bed bugs on their beds. When we arrive to the clients home, we find many different types of insects but not any bed bugs. All of the following insects/mites resemble bed bugs to […]
August 7, 2017

The positives of having bed bugs

No matter who you speak to you hear about the horrors of bed bugs, but have you ever sat and thought maybe there may be some positives of having bed bugs? People who deal with bed bug infestations in their homes always make the problem sound very unpleasant an stressful. In todays blog post we want to be a little optimistic and fun so we will try to point out some positive outcomes that may stem from a bed bug infestation.  All of your clothes and linens will be squeaky clean. As a part of prep, many exterminators suggest that […]
August 7, 2017

How to have a bed bug free holiday season

When traveling to relatives for the holiday season, Northeastern Exterminating wants to remind you to always be weary of bed bugs. Although there are other pests you should worry about while traveling, bed bugs are number one on our list. They are great travelers, survivors, and hide in many unexpected places. November and December are known to be one of the busiest travel months, so we want you to be prepared! In today’s blog post we will inform you about all you should know when traveling by place, boat, or car – to avoid bed bugs at all cost! Before […]
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