Talking To An Old Friend, Mickey Ferrell Jr.

There is nothing more to say about Mickey Ferrell Jr. other than he is a true go getter. You drop this guy Mickey in the middle of the ocean with just a life jacket and he will find a way to build a fire. Mickey grew up in the pest control industry and now has happily made a career in real estate. In todays blog we interviewed Mickey and asked him how he made his jump from pest control into the great world of real estate. Mickey speaks about the similarities in both industries and how pest control taught him a thing or two. Check it out and here is Mickey’s Real Estate Website.

James: Mickey, it’s been awhile since we’ve last spoke. How has everything been going?

Mickey: Very well. HomePro had a great year last year and continues to do well. I’ve taken a step back to pursue a career marketing consulting and also in Real Estate. HomePro actually became my first marketing client after I left!

James: We heard you have developed an interest and decided to change career paths into real estate. What changed your mind?

Mickey: As you know, working in a small business you get pulled in 100 directions. I’m a big believer of  the E-myth principle, “work on the business not in the business.” But sometimes you are too close and get pulled in. Although, I had learned so much over the last 15 years in pest control, my passion was building business not killing bugs. There is nothing wrong with either path – it just wasn’t for me any longer. So I broke the news to my family that if I wanted to pursue paths that would allow me to work as I wanted. And they were very supportive.>

James: From the looks of it on social media you seem very happy!

Mickey: I love the challenge of starting new and building something. It energizing!  For me, it’s the same feeling you get when you solve a really tough pest issue that another company couldn’t handle. I guess satisfaction of a job done well or of achieving something.

But I’m really enjoying the marketing consulting, It’s fun to brainstorm and pitch plans to service businesses and help them achieve their goals. There are so many great small companies that have unbelieveable service but they don’t grow because they don’t have the time or knowledge to market themselves. I’m working on a program where I get video testimonials to aid in converting leads. They can be used to follow up an estimate or advertised right on facebook to get leads. Marketing is evolving from ads to stories and this is going to be big!

James: Since the aspect of sales is similar no matter where you go, how do you find pest control and real estate to be similar?

Mickey: Real estate and pest control have plenty of similarities. Relationships and networking are paramount. I think that advertising in pest control was easier because there were fewer competitors. But once you get face to face, you are selling yourself and a service. So they are quite similar.

James: How do you feel Pest Control has set you up for the RE industry?

Mickey: Well, I interacted with many agents as a WDO inspector over the years so I had an inside look most days. But pest control teaches you to understand people. You typically meet them at their most frantic state and must learn to communicate when they are a bit irrational. Now take your average person and put them in the situation of making the largest purchase or sale of their lives, they get pretty irrational. So that day in and out training makes it easier to calm and re-establish communication without everything blowing up.

Another benefit was understanding the inspection process. I’m able to help avoid potential problems early and also explain the reports to clients. It’s proving to be invaluable to my clients.

James: Do you think real estate is good for active PCOS? Why?

Mickey: Yes. I found it difficult to do part time while in pest control because there were too many overlaps. But as a PCO gets older and if they haven’t built a system for the business to support them at retirement, I could definitely see them doing well in the less physical role of a real estate agent. The skills line up nicely and it’s much easier on the body!

James: How is the real estate market down there by you?

Mickey: Our market is supported by the military so we constantly have people moving in and out with good employment. There are lots of new homes going up and our average prices are on the rise. We are close to the peak prices of 06-07 but the market is stronger now. The increases are being driven by millennial buyers starting to settle into family formation. They are increasing demand naturally through the generation’s sheer size. Even though prices are up, people can still find deals. I’d recommend buying now because we are probably entering a 5-10 year appreciation cycle, that will only make it harder to afford a home each successive year.

James: What are some tips you recommend (Due to your background) to first time home buyers after you make a sale?

Mickey: Of course always get a local pest contract and your annual termite inspection. It will save you way more money than you spend over the years.

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