Three Reasons Pests Love NYC


When people think of NYC they think of a few things like Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Times Square and Pizza Rat! No matter how much beauty and history is associated with NYC, unfortunately it is also synonymous for having a ton of pests (Mice, rats, roaches and bed bugs!). Didn’t you ever wonder why New York City just had so many dang pests? Theres a reasons that opening a pest control business is so lucrative in NYC.

  1. Trash

    The sheer amount of trash being left at the curb from high-rise apartment buildings, restaurants and office buildings is a daily meal for pests. The New York City Department of Sanitation regularly comes out with new trash regulations to combat rodent and pest issues but over and over the pests will win. Recently, the NYC Dept. of Sanitation has given a new regulation of a time frame of when commercial garbage can be set out to reduce the amount of time that trash will sit out in the street, however this had not made a noticeable difference on the rat population in NYC. The rodents will always change their behavior patterns with their human counter parts. Even as of recent, coronavirus events have caused many restaurants to close down which has increased the rodent population in more residential areas to find newer and more steady sources of food.

  2. Tall Buildings

    Tall buildings like sky scrapers and high rise apartment buildings are homes of NYCs many avian friends. Birds like starlings, sparrows, crows and more famously pigeons love to hide and live the tops of buildings due to it being out of reach of most preditors and people. Its tough to keep birds off building eaves, window ledges and rooftops. Many managmement companies will hire pest control companies to install deterrents on the tops of buildings however it is an uphill battle as birds will always try to find another spot to land on. Not only can bird droppings be an eye sore but the droppings can carry and spread disease. The birds them selves can carry ectoparasites which live on the birds and can easily transmit bird mites to their human counterparts. The most common way that birds spread their bird mites is when they nest on top of window air conditoner or ventilation systems. The number one deterrant to keeping birds away is to not feed them.

  3. Close living quarters

    Lets face it, In NYC there just is not enough space for all the people to live so we literally live on top of each other. When your front door is a few feet from your neighbors front door and your hallway has more people walk through it then a Mcdonalds during lunch time this is a prime reason why these pests can spread so rapidly in an apartment building. If a neighbor has bed bugs there is a good likelyhood that you may get those same bed bugs. Since mice can run through buildings in the walls, theres

    a good chance they can travel from neighbors apartments to yours! A good tip to keep the rodents and pests away is to simply install a door sweep under your apartment door and this will keep any curious pests out for good!

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