Frequently Asked Questions

1Why should I hire a pest management professional, can't I just exterminate my self?

Many have tried and very few have succeded without actually making the problem worse. You may eliminate some pests on contact but you will not eliminate the colony or nest. A licensed pest control professional has a wealth of knowledge. A pest control pro is educated on matters like insect behavior, life cycle, harborages, proper pest identification and proper treatment methods. Pest control professionals also understand how to safely apply products with minimal risk to non-target organisms (People, babies, pets). Our goal is to eliminate the nest, not just a few bugs you see.

2I found a bug but not sure what it is?

Please send us a photo here of the pest for a speedy Pest identification. Please try to take a few photos and put the insect on a white sheet of printer paper for optimal contrast.

3Can you tell if I have bed bugs by looking at the bites?

No, not even the most seasoned board certified dermatologist can determine if a bite is from a bed bug or not.

4After treatment, how long does it take to see results?

The time of results will usually vary depending on what pest we are treating for as well as the strategy used to control the pest. Signing up for an on-going pest agreement will ensure that pests are not only controlled but completely eliminated from your castle. Contact us to discuss service agreement options. Here

5What should a homeowner look for when they are hiring a Pest Management professional?

The first quality a homeowner should be looking for is to hire someone who is reputable and make sure you feel comfortable with them. Make sure they are licensed by the NYSDEC and insured in the state to perform pest control. This is information any reputable company should be able to produce on request. Also, buy value and not price. Use sites like yelp and BBB to check their reputation from prior clients. Finally, any reputable pest control company should offer a standard guarantee with all work.

6Can I get sick from Bed Bug Bites?

To date after various studies bed bugs are not known to transmit any disease to humans. They are still a nuisance pest that can leave behind bites that itch. Excessive scratching can cause infection.

7How many treatments are needed to eliminate bed bugs?

Just like snowflakes, all bed bug infestations are unique to the environment. After we perform a comprehensive bed bug inspection we will implement a unique treatment plan to address your bed bug problem.

8What prep work do I need to perform in order to have my home ready for treatment?
Hiring an exterminator is the step in the right direction when trying to attack a pest problem. Since different pests have different behaviors the prep work will vary on what type of pest you are having a problem with. Most of our treatments require prep so contact us today so we can explain what work is expected of you.

9I live in an apartment building, is it really true that the problem can be migrating from a neighboring apartment?

YES! This is actually a common occurrence. If you live in a large apartment building you may want to notify management and alert them of this issue. If you fail to do this and the building ends up having a bed bug issue your problem can return soon after treatment, wasting a lot of time and a lot of money.

10Is my landlord responsible to pay to have my bed bug problem addressed?

Be sure to take a look at your lease. Most leases state that the landlord is responsible to provide pest control. NYC law also states that the landlord must address any pest problems within 30 days or else they recieve a violation.

11I have bed bugs. If I throw out my mattress and bed frame, will this get rid of my problem?

NO! When a customer discovers bed bugs the first thing they think to do is get rid of the mattress. This is a bad idea! Improperly moving the mattress without first treating it can spread bugs and eggs throughout the home which will make it much more difficult to get rid of the problem. If you find you have bed bugs call an exterminator before you do anything.

12Are your treatments safe for pets and children?

All of our treatments are using EPA registered and approved products. We go through rigorous training and have much experience with residential pest control in the presence of babies, pets and the elderly. We may ask that the pets and people vacate during treatment but once we are finished you may safely return to your home.

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