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Q & A With Tuck Sleep

by Northeastern Exterminating on 03/06/17

For those of you unfamiliar with the newly launched Tuck sleep (formally, it's a huge sleep portal dedicated the advancement of better sleep that also features a unique take on sleep product information. Kayla Johnson recently got in contact with us about a larger guide to dealing with bed bugs so we thought sharing with a Q&A would be ideal. Check it out below!

James :Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today, Kayla. Please introduce yourself.

Kayla : My pleasure, James! My name is Kayla Johnson and I'm a community relations specialist at Tuck, a community for advancing better sleep, based out of Seattle, WA.

James : Thanks for that, Kayla. We usually focus our efforts on everything pest-related which does directly tie into sleep and in turn overall health. Could you let us know the biggest complaints you hear from your readers about bed bugs?

Kayla : Our recent guide was actually created as a response to a lot of questions we received about bed bug prevention and extermination. We had actually had everyone from a family in Chicago to a touring band (unfortunately can't name them here but good chance you've heard of them!) write to us asking for help. A lot of folks seem genuinely shocked to be dealing with bed bug infestations even with a clean home or when doing their best to travel and stay in well kept places. It seems like despite resources available online and sporadic media coverage, the biggest complaint seems to be a lack of understand which has led to quite a few misconceptions. 

James : How have your readers generally dealt with bed bug issues?

Kayla : Quite a few seem to resort to pest control companies (both local and national) and others have used our guide and others to try and sort them out themselves. The touring band I mentioned earlier actually stayed a hotel in San Francisco and woke up covered in bites. They had to work separate and clean everything (instrument cases, the van, etc.) but managed to get everything taken care of and nothing came back to bite them (pun intended). We've also found that a lot of our readers prefer to get rid of all of their bedroom furniture as well as their mattress in an effort to ensure they never come back. Not required I know, but I understand how bad they can be. Shameless plug here but we actually created a huge mattress product database based on consumer reviews and many of our readers have found that helpful. 

James : Any other tips for sleeping or bed bugs that you would recommend?

Kayla : Definitely!

1) Be very careful about where you buy furniture. We had a huge problem in Seattle a few years back so it's not just cities like NYC and Chicago that you hear about in the news. Bed bugs are a massive issue everywhere so be vigilant.

2) When you realize you have an infestation, especially if you're experiencing bites, etc. take care of it immediately and find a place to stay in the interim. Good sleep is essential to good health and without it you'll suffer in a big way so be very cognizant of your own health with dealing with bed bugs.

3) Make sure you take every precaution and do a full clean of your bedroom at the very least weekly. As much as doing a deep clean every once in awhile can feel nice, more frequent cleaning of your bedroom is extremely necessary. During this cleaning you can also search for any unusual or concerning signs that may be bed bug related. Make sure you wash you sheets and mattress protector as a part of the process and replace your pillows every 6-12 months as well

Thanks to Kayla for the interview and for more information about her organization, visit Tuck

What To Expect When Hiring An Exterminator

by Northeastern Exterminating on 12/05/16

Its 11:00pm and you've gotten out of bed to grab a glass of water when you see something flash out of the corner of your eye. It was a mouse! You scream and jump on the table, grab your phone and do a yelp search for local exterminators. You find someone reputable and they tell you they will be out first thing in the morning. You grab a bat and run back into bed slowly waiting for the sun to rise so the pied piper can come and remove the mouse. Heres what the PCO should be doing and what you should inspect:

  • Meet and greet is the best and important of the service. The PCO will knock on your door and introduce himself or herself. Pest control professionals are overall nice honest people so you can look forward to getting a personable service person. During the meet and greet they should be asking you to tell them the issues that you are having. Since you called in a panic to order the service now is your time to calmly explain all details from your perspective. You witnessed the problem so give them the events as it occurred. Some other details you would like to add is duration of problem and if you ever performed any self treatment as this could change the scope of work for the pco. Mention if you have pets, kids, or are housing someone who may be ill. Be as detailed as possible! 
  • Inspecting should be next on the PCOs list. Top to bottom, in and out, a good PCO will be taking a good look everywhere before beginning treatment. Since pest control treatments are multifasited it is important for the PCO to understand all aspects of the home. A PCO who isn't investigating further isn't doing their job. Instead of just treating the mice where you the client are seeing them, the PCO needs to understand  a few things like how the mouse got in, why it was in that area, where it came from, where the other mice can potentially be hiding etc. Just treating one small area and not inspecting further is asking for bad results. 
  • Treatment should be explained to you before it is performed. The PCO should be explaining what they are using and how it will work. Knowledge is key and you are the student. Customers famously think PCOs wave a magic wand to get rid of pests and unfortunately its just not true. Once you understand the aspects of how the treatment works you will be more inclined to have a successful treatment. Depending on the the target pest the treatment may include moving appliances, furniture or crawling into confined spaces. Some treatments may include a exclusionary service where the PCO will fill any holes of concern to keep out future critters. 
  • Post treatment recommendations is the most important step of the process next to treatment because this is what you will be doing to maintain the pest problem. The post treatment recommendations may include guarantee details and tips on what you can do to help treatment be more effective. Please follow those tips as closely as possible to render desired results. Depending on the pest issue it may need more then one visit so be sure to ask the PCO if its necessary for follow up or contracted visits. 

The 1st Annual Pestocratic National Convention

by Northeastern Exterminating on 07/26/16

2016 is a very serious year in pest politics as nature is as its tipping point. As many know the Cimexacrats have been trying to take over the country out of the hands of the long reigning Blattariacrats. The Blattariacrats have been known to been in power since even when the dinosaurs were around. But, since the big Bed Bug Lives Matter movement has taken over in 2010 the bed bugs have been taking over big cities all over this country. Today we will be sharing views of both sides of the parities in this years 1st convention and will let you decide who you will vote for to be the reigning pest of the country. 

A few of the Cimexacrats views are:

  • The Cimexacrats slogan is to "The Rights Of All Bugs Matter" 
  • Free blood meals for all First, Second, and Third Instar nymphs.
  • Low cost pesticide resistance insurance. (If your pesticide resistance doesn't work the government will pay for your funeral expenses if death if related to a humanity applied pesticide).
  • Better human detection security provided by local bed bug government.
  • If bed bugs want to hitchhike from other beds, they need to file for membership for the new location or they risk deportation. No more free travel from home to home without penalty. 
  • Concerned with climate change. If climate change eventually effects their hosts (Humans) then bed bugs will have less opportunity to feed on healthy humans.
  • Against any renewable energy. Cimexacrats are more for conservation, prefer no use of lights whatsoever. 
A few of the Blattariacrats views are:

  • The Blattariacrats Slogan is to "Make Pests Great Again"
  • Privately provided meals via Local Supermarkets and big box stores. Not for free meals and believes all Blatariacrats and Cimexacrats should fend for them selves and hunt their own food.
  • Against pesticide resistance insurance. The Blatariacrats feel as if the economy shouldn't be drained due to foolish pests being caught in the line of fire of pesticides. Blatariacrats feel as if local education is the way of learning how to avoid pesticides. Government should have no place in education.
  • Also against any types of renewable energy. To save local dollars all lights should be kept off or risk a fine. Electricity is a waste of money and hinders proper living conditions. 
  • National security views are a bit stronger than the Cimexacrats. The Blatariacrats feel as if pests are being slaughtered and we need a line of defense against the humans (Mainly Orkin and Terminix)  
The election season is underway and the debates will be shown on your local news channel. Please take a side and support your party. This is a time for big change in the very first annual Pestocratic National Convention. Pest lives are at risk here and its about time they have organized and now have a voice! 

Talking To An Old Friend, Mickey Ferrell Jr.

by Northeastern Exterminating on 05/25/16

There is nothing more to say about Mickey Ferrell Jr. other than he is a true go getter. You drop this guy Mickey in the middle of the ocean with just a life jacket and he will find a way to build a fire. Mickey grew up in the pest control industry and now has happily made a career in real estate. In todays blog we interviewed Mickey and asked him how he made his jump from pest control into the great world of real estate. Mickey speaks about the similarities in both industries and how pest control taught him a thing or two. Check it out and here is Mickey's Real Estate Website.

James: Mickey, it’s been awhile since we've last spoke. How has everything been going?

Mickey: Very well. HomePro had a great year last year and continues to do well. I’ve taken a step back to pursue a career marketing consulting and also in Real Estate. HomePro actually became my first marketing client after I left!

James: We heard you have developed an interest and decided to change career paths into real estate. What changed your mind?

Mickey: As you know, working in a small business you get pulled in 100 directions. I’m a big believer of  the E-myth principle, “work on the business not in the business.” But sometimes you are too close and get pulled in. Although, I had learned so much over the last 15 years in pest control, my passion was building business not killing bugs. There is nothing wrong with either path - it just wasn’t for me any longer. So I broke the news to my family that if I wanted to pursue paths that would allow me to work as I wanted. And they were very supportive.

James: From the looks of it on social media you seem very happy!

Mickey: I love the challenge of starting new and building something. It energizing!  For me, it’s the same feeling you get when you solve a really tough pest issue that another company couldn’t handle. I guess satisfaction of a job done well or of achieving something.          

But I’m really enjoying the marketing consulting, It’s fun to brainstorm and pitch plans to service businesses and help them achieve their goals. There are so many great small companies that have unbelieveable service but they don’t grow because they don’t have the time or knowledge to market themselves. I’m working on a program where I get video testimonials to aid in converting leads. They can be used to follow up an estimate or advertised right on facebook to get leads. Marketing is evolving from ads to stories and this is going to be big!

James: Since the aspect of sales is similar no matter where you go, how do you find pest control and real estate to be similar?

Mickey: Real estate and pest control have plenty of similarities. Relationships and networking are paramount. I think that advertising in pest control was easier because there were fewer competitors. But once you get face to face, you are selling yourself and a service. So they are quite similar.

James: How do you feel Pest Control has set you up for the RE industry?

Mickey: Well, I interacted with many agents as a WDO inspector over the years so I had an inside look most days. But pest control teaches you to understand people. You typically meet them at their most frantic state and must learn to communicate when they are a bit irrational. Now take your average person and put them in the situation of making the largest purchase or sale of their lives, they get pretty irrational. So that day in and out training makes it easier to calm and re-establish communication without everything blowing up.

Another benefit was understanding the inspection process. I’m able to help avoid potential problems early and also explain the reports to clients. It’s proving to be invaluable to my clients.

James: Do you think real estate is good for active PCOS? Why?

Mickey: Yes. I found it difficult to do part time while in pest control because there were too many overlaps. But as a PCO gets older and if they haven’t built a system for the business to support them at retirement, I could definitely see them doing well in the less physical role of a real estate agent. The skills line up nicely and it’s much easier on the body!

James: How is the real estate market down there by you?

Mickey: Our market is supported by the military so we constantly have people moving in and out with good employment. There are lots of new homes going up and our average prices are on the rise. We are close to the peak prices of 06-07 but the market is stronger now. The increases are being driven by millennial buyers starting to settle into family formation. They are increasing demand naturally through the generation’s sheer size. Even though prices are up, people can still find deals. I’d recommend buying now because we are probably entering a 5-10 year appreciation cycle, that will only make it harder to afford a home each successive year.

James: What are some tips you recommend (Due to your background) to first time home buyers after you make a sale?

Mickey: Of course always get a local pest contract and your annual termite inspection. It will save you way more money than you spend over the years.

5 Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Kitchen

by Northeastern Exterminating on 05/18/16


Everyone loves spring time-- until it comes to ants infesting your kitchen. Most homeowners have a some traumatic ant infestation memories. Like the time you were having a birthday party for your kids and found ants all over the cake! Then all the kids screamed and yelled "Ew, Ants!".  How embarrassing that was.  Other then having a regular visit from a pest control company this spring, there are things you can do in your home to keep the ants away. Although the best way is to guarantee no ants is to hire a pro, today we will give you some tips that may help keep your kitchen ant free, at least for a little while. 

  • Sealing cracks and holes with products like caulk, plaster and canned foam are great way to keep the ants at bay. Ants are usually coming from outdoors or underneath the house and they are seeking out food and moisture. The more holes you seal the less ants you may see. Areas to focus on sealing up are cracks on floor molding, window sills, and pipe openings around the plumbing areas. Although you cant be perfect about every crack and hole just do your very best. Every little bit counts! 
  • Keeping pet food off the floor is a big benefit to the problem. Pet food is a screaming buffet to ants. The two things they need, food and water, are sitting right there. Not only is it sitting in the food bowl but the pets will actually drop some on the floor after consuming. Try to do your best and put these food bowls on a small pedestal or at least not in direct contact with the floor.  
  • Keeping the kitchen clean will help by not attracting them into the kitchen in the first place. Sometimes when your cooking you'll drop food scraps onto the floor. These little piece of food are a great feast for ants. Once a few ants find some scraps in your kitchen they will alert the other ants via pheromone trails and before you know it will completely infest your kitchen. The best way to keep on top of this is every two weeks be sure to mop up with a great cleaning product. You may also want to pull out your refrigerator and stove and clean underneath and behind those appliances as well. A clean kitchen is an ants worst nightmare!  
  • Cleaning up with lemon juice or vinegar will not eliminate the ants but it can mask their pheromone trail which can delay an infestation. Mopping the floor with a vinegar solution or cleaning the counter tops with a lemon solution will clean up any food scraps that may be attracting them too. 
  • Keep flower pots away from your window sills! Soil is a very desirable place for ants as it mimics their perfect habitat. Try to keep big flower pots away from the house and keep little flower pots off the windows. Also try to keep any debris like sticks and bags atleast 6-8 feet from your home.  
If you do have an ant infestation and are not sure how to handle it please feel free to contact us a  and we will glady help you and give you some advice! 

What Your Fly Infestation May Be Telling You

by Northeastern Exterminating on 04/18/16

When homeowners witness flies buzzing around their home their first instinct is to reach for the electric fly swatter or the can o' bug spray. The reality is that these flies can be House Flies or "filth flies" and are always an indication of a larger problem within the home. Although they are very unsightly nuisance pests they also spread all different types of yuckie bacteria. Hiring a pest management professional is a very good idea when trying to treat your fly problem as the PMP will investigate further as to what the larger problem in your residence may be. The PMP will identify the type of fly which will help them investigate further and lead to the conclusion.

The pest control professional that you hire will first need to perform an inspection. Inspecting the property is important to see where most of the flies are gathered which is key to solving this issue.  They should search the house, top to bottom. They will check from the crawlspace to the attic to determine if there are any odors, moisture or anything out of the ordinary that may be attracting the flies.

During this inspection it is important to identify the type of fly. For Example, flesh flies are an appropriately named fly as they love all types of dead rotten flesh. They resemble house flies but have a checkerboard pattern on the top of their abdomen and three black stripes behind their head. These flies are attracted to rotten garbage as well as dying animal carcasses. If you recently have had a rodent extermination and are seeing these flies it could be a strong indication of a rodent dying in a void somewhere in the walls. If not, it could be the left over meat scraps from your last barbecue that are attracting the flies. All areas should be inspected for strong odors to determine where the flies are breeding. As the odor gets stronger you may also notice more flies in that area. Sometimes walls may need to be removed to remove the dead animal or rotten flesh. 

Once the breeding location is determined, the attracting condition that is causing the flies should be properly removed. This may include exclusionary services such as screens or mesh to keep flies out of the home. It also may include fixing sweaty or leaky pipes or removal of a dead animal. Since chemical treatments are difficult for flying insects the PCO may want to perform a mechanical insect control program to eliminate the left over flies. The best way is to use a fly trap. A great attractant for these flies is exactly what got them their in the first place. Make sure to do research on the types of flies in your home so you too can learn about them and what may be causing the issue. It could be as simple as an open window! 

April Is National Pest Management Month

by Northeastern Exterminating on 03/28/16

The month of April is here and not only does it deliver us springtime beauty, the flowers blooming and creepy crawlies but it also delivers us national pest management month! National pest management month is a time to appreciate pest management as an entire industry. There are so many problems that pest management has provided solutions for over many years and April is a good time to reflect on those benefits. When you see your local PCO give them a wave and a thanks for keeping this world a little bit safer by managing the pests that carry so many diseases. 

Problem: In recent news, the Zika virus is known to be carried in infected mosquitos. If a person is bitten by a mosquito that carries the Zika virus they may have symptoms such as fever, joint paint, amongst other symptoms. Some people may not show any reaction at all. Zika virus doesn't cause many hospitalization and people will rarely die from it. The only issue is that if pregnant women get bit with an infected mosquitoes it can cause future health problems for the Fetus. 
Solution:  Pest Management agencies all over USA,  brazil, puerto rico and many other tropical areas are currently educating the public about what to look for and how to prevent these cases. The PCOs are also treating mosquitos to keep these cases of viruses down to a minimum.

Problem: Not only are rodents good at spreading fear but they are also good at spreading germs and disease. They can climb, jump, and slip into tiny cracks the size of a dime. When left untreated, many rodents can spread disease such as hauntavirus, salmonella, and many other types of food bourne illnesses in food handling establishments. There have even been cases in public housing where children have been bitten by rats.
Solution: Pest control keeps these cases of food poisoning to a minimum with regularly scheduled rodent treatments to food establishments. Every rodent that has been eliminated means one less potential infectious disease spread. 

Problem: Although bed bugs are quite creepy and very gross they don't spread disease. That does not mean that they do not take a psychological toll on their host. Most homeowners in NYC will either get bed bugs or know someone who had them. Bed bugs are known to cause stress within families and ruin your natural sleep pattern due to disturbing the psyche of their hosts. 
Solution: Pest management professionals all over the globe are fighting the good fight when it comes to bed bugs. Rather then 'using what works', PMPs stay on the cutting edge of current research to understand the biology of the bed bugs. What worked last year may not work this time around due to pesticide resistance and pest evolution. It is our job as PMPs to stay updated on current evens and understand what treatment methods are best for each situation. 

These are just 3 problems that pest management has solved over the course of centuries. Evolving with current techniques are what keeps this industry going. Research being funded by chemical producers, seminars provided by pest associations are some reasons why PMPs are up to date. PMPs keep the food on your table by keeping your crops safe from pests. PMPs also keep your family members from developing allergies and asthma by ridding homes of pests like roaches and mice. One of the oldest professions, pest control, does many beneficial things for this country and the world.  

Creating A Space To Manage Your Pest Control Business

by Northeastern Exterminating on 03/04/16

We reached out to Patrick Baldwin of as his new app is spreading fire throughout social media. Before we tried it out our selves we decided to reach out to Patrick and we asked him if he could tell us a bit about the new app and how its a game changer. Since the market is cluttered with so many PCO software apps and programs we asked them to explain what they have going for them that will project them into the PC Industry. They replied --

"Bob Howard and Patrick Baldwin, co-owners of, have used four different software systems in the last six years. They could tolerate them, but each did not live up to the standards required to run an efficient operation from the office and the field. Enough was enough. That’s why we created PestWorks, a new online pest control management software made by a pest control operators for pest control operators.

Finding a platform that meets the specific needs of your business can be a frustrating process. From scheduling and tracking customer account information to determining if a program is easy-to-use, the perfect platform is almost impossible to find. 

At PestWorks, our overall goal is to allow business owners and technicians to spend more time on delivering the best pest control service by providing an easy solution for them to run their business.

Able to adapt to your needs, PestWorks supports your business through essential features such as:

Technician Dashboard- view all jobs and their status

Bucket jobs- see monthly jobs alongside the calendar to encourage productive employees 

Functionality - fully functional from the office and the field on all devices 

PestWorks is also currently developing new features such as auto-pay, print-to-mail and a front owner’s dashboard to enhance the convenience of the program. PestWorks will soon include an industry-exclusive, proprietary Potomac Pest Control Group Index. Potomac tracks the price and terms of pest control transactions and maintains the largest database of pest control valuations in the world. This will allow business owners to ability to track the value of their business daily.

PestWorks software is available as a demo online at or as a 14-day free trial which can convert to a full subscription at $49 monthly per user.

With more than 33 years of experience in the pest control industry, we wanted to create a space where business owners could effortlessly track the value of their business and technicians could manage their monthly jobs with ease. 

Universal truth - Time is our most valuable asset, and PestWorks reflects that. Built with technicians and salespeople in mind, PestWorks allows paperwork to be completed on-site instead of in an office at the end of the day, which allows you to get your life back."

Q&A with FMC’s Kevin Laycock

by Northeastern Exterminating on 02/18/16

The job of working for a professional chemical company sure is a busy one and we always appreciate when someone from FMC reaches out and agrees to do an interview with us. Here, we've gotten into contact with FMC's Kevin Laycock who has a family history of pest control ever since he could remember. Check out our short but sweet interview with Kevin and see what he's got to say about Transport, Aresols and what its like working for FMC! 
  • James: We’ve been using Transport GHP and Transport Mikron for bed bugs. Any reason you think that product is working great for us?

  • Kevin: That’s terrific to hear.  Lab research by Dr. Potter at the University of Kentucky is proving Transport GHP to be one of the most effective bed bug products on the market.   Transport GHP is formulated as a WP (wettable powder), works fast, is long lasting and often achieves control of bed bugs – including pyrethroid-resistant strains - within 24 hours. There is also patented synergy between bifenthrin and acetamiprid.  


  • James: More and more we are using aerosols. We know sometimes they can act as a repellant which isn't good. But what are the pros of aerosols? 



  • Kevin: Aerosols are very convenient from both a size and cost perspective. With aerosols, PMPs don’t need to mix product on site, so you get quick and easy product application without the need for additional, clunky equipment.  For example, Dos Flea and Crawling Insect Spray, with Dual Spray Action, offers crack and crevice and broadcast applications in one container.  Streamlining equipment and products also looks more professional to the customer, which helps with perception issues that PMPs sometimes face in the home. 



  • James: Pest control runs in your family, right?



  • Kevin:  Correct.  My father spent over 30 years in the business, primarily with Residex.  I first became interested in pest control when he did a presentation for my class in elementary school.  The whole grade was fascinated because my dad worked with bugs every day. Also, every January, I would help him put together materials for his upcoming sales trainings.  So, pest control piqued my interest at an early age. 



  • James: What’s it like working for FMC?



  • Kevin:  The past six months have been great.  FMC has a strong reputation in the industry and it’s a fast-paced organization, which I like. We are currently going through a lot of integration after the Cheminova acquisition; it’s exciting.  The future is bright for us in the U.S. and globally.

  • James: We are happy to hear you guys have a positive outlook on the future growth of FMC. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The pest control industry seems to be one of those industries that will always see growth. Thank you for the interview Kevin, now get back to work making FMC great! 

  • Kevin: Yes, thank you! 


5 Things You Shouldnt Say To A Pest Management Professional

by Northeastern Exterminating on 02/11/16

Working in a service industry such as pest control, PCOs have interactions with all types of people through out the day. Other then exterminating pests and making peoples homes and businesses a safer place, PCOs also speak with people about their pest issues amongst other conversations. Sometimes people see pest control professionals as college drop outs or working a 2nd job. Today we've made a list of 4 Things you shouldn't say to a pest control professional --Well thats at-least if you want a good job. 
  1. "I went to college so I didn't have to be an exterminator". First of all don't call us an exterminator its demeaning. Only we can call ourselves that. We prefer Pest Management Professional or PMP. Attempting to denigrate or disrespect someones chose career path is never a good idea; especially if you're trusting a PMP to do a good job on your home/business. Pest management professionals need plenty education to do their job. Between trade school, apprenticeship, certification tests, continuing education classes, and most importantly real world experience. Just because your pest control pro didnt sit through a semester of world economic lectures does not mean you should not respect their knowledge and hustle. 
  2. "My Brother in law is an exterminator in Montana, and when I called him he told me you should do this.". Well then instead of paying us to inspect and treat you should be on Expedia looking for the next round trip flight from Montana to NYC since hes the expert. Unless your friend or relative has physically inspected the property they may not see all of the issues we are seeing. We know they mean well but please leave it to the professionals. Besides you've hired us because you trust us, so just let us do our work. 
  3. "Can you come down on the price a little bit?". To where we respons  "Sure we can, if you would like a less quality job i know a company down the block called "Cut Rate Exterminators"." Please remember you get what you pay for. Not everyone can afford everything so you may want to investigate and get quotes that you feel you can afford. Our services are priced accordingly to what the quality and value of our work provide. If you were going to the doctor for a knee replacement would you ask the doctor for a break on the labor? Some people are just natural hagglers and thats okay but remember, your PMP has a family to feed and bills to pay too. Being a PCO is a blue-collar job with blue collar wages so trying to haggle down the price of a monthly service isnt fair to the PMP trying to make a true honest buck. 
  4. "How do I know you're not selling me things that I dont need, I dont trust you". Most honest PMPs are hard working and honest. They are usually sensitive about their trust worthiness. Dont let one bad apple spoil the bunch and paint with a broad brush. Just because your friends PMPs ripped him off doesn't mean they're all crooks. 
  5. "That stuff your using is attracting them. If you got rid of all my roaches then you wouldn't be coming here anymore." That couldn't be furthest from true. We actually will always target the roaches with baits that may at first attract them but will later eliminate them. Sometimes clients see roach activity a few days after treatment and assume the treatment didn't work. Our baits and gels are not magic wands that eliminate the pests as soon as we leave. These cutting edge baits work slowly so it doesn't cause any alarm to the infestation. Once they all share baits and ingest it, it slowly starts to eliminate them. We want a good reputation which is why we will always do the right thing! 
Please remember all hard working people have souls and to treat everyone with respect. Many PMPs actually love their jobs and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Try to be humane and trust your pest control professional that they will give you a quality job at a reasonable price. Most members of this industry are honest hard working people who just want to make an honest living so with that in mind, be kind. No matter what the job is, sanitation worker, pest control worker, lawyer, custodian, or CEO all jobs are the same, we are all equal. 

6 Tips For Hiring an Exterminator

by Northeastern Exterminating on 01/24/16

When in the market for a pest control company, many homeowners don't know where to start. Choosing just any company is far from what should be done. A good reputation is one of the most important aspects that a customer should consider when partnering with a pest control company for their pest issue. When the customers are paying a company hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a quality pest control service, they want to know they are getting their money's worth. If you're in the market for a pest control company follow these 6 tips to check out the companies reputation and value to see if their a good fit for you and your family.

  1. Check if the PMP (Pest Management Professional) is licensed. If you're located in New York State, the NYSDEC has this website to check if the individual is a "Licensed Applicator/Technician". If you're located outside of NYS you can contact your local agency that handles pesticide applicators licensing to check if they have a similar website. Also you can check here if they are a registered business with NYS. If you do not see them registered there is a good chance they are not licensed. 
  2. Check if they have any reviews on sites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau or Google. Remember, not all reviews can be trusted but you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the company. If they have too many bad reviews and really low prices you may want to investigate deeper and possibly hire someone who you can trust. 
  3. It never hurts to put their business name in the Google search bar  just to see what comes up. Inquiring minds would love to know what google would find on the company prior to hiring them. Sometimes you may be able to find things like lawsuits, news stories or any information you may want to know about your potential pest control company. You can see what other sites they are listen on and even click on photos! 
  4. Ask the company what methods they use as well as what products. Then you can research those methods and products to see if you prefer those methods or would want to request others. Many PMPs use different application methods and some may not be good for your situation so if you would prefer something please let them know and they may explain why that might no be good for your pest issue.
  5. Read before you sign the dotted line and carefully review the contract! Make sure the guarantee it something that you are comfortable with and make sure to read all the fine print. If you both decide to add or remove any of the legal writing be sure to initial next to those changes. Many service contracts have clauses that may ask you to do some maintenance work prior to or following the treatment to keep this treatment and guarantee active. Don't forget to ask for a copy! 
  6. Ask the company to provide you with their up to date insurance policy. In the worst case scenario, something goes wrong during their treatment, you want to be comfortable that you will be compensated for any unexpected damages.  

Investing Your Powerball Winnings In Pest Control Services

by Northeastern Exterminating on 01/13/16

Since this Wednesday the powerball lottery drawing winnings will be close to $1.5 billion it made us think where that money could go to make a difference. Depending on the state you live in, if you take the lump sum, after taxed its right under a billion dollars.  If you're in the 44 states where the powerball lotto is played and you win, we are sure you have your dreams and fantasies. Buying islands, retiring, even buying your parents a nice retirement home and making sure your relatives are. What if we told you that you could actually pay for pest control services for everyone who is currently dealing with a serious pest issue? Instead of buying a boat how about hiring a PCO for everyone suffering from bed bug infestations? Seems ridiculous but there are many people out in the united states with serious pest infestation who could use a free service, or two. Here we've posted how many services you could buy people in need.
  • Instead of buying the Buffalo Bills NFL football team you could buy 1,700,000 bed bug services for families in need across the country. Hey, you can even throw in some mattress encasements! 
  • Instead of buying an iPhone for 2 million of your closest friends you could probably solve all of the rat infestations in NYC! That would be baiting all of about 500 subway stations. As a native New Yorker, I know we need it! 
  • Want to buy an island? You may able to do that, but you may also be able to keep food born illnesses at a low  level by treating close to 2 million commercial restaurant kitchens for pests like flies and rodents.
  • You can also create your own pest seeking drones. You'll have enough money to invest and create a pest control drone start up, so get to work! 
You may have to hire many pest control companies to perform these services OR you can just buy your own! With the billion dollars you may be able to buy the top 10 pest control companies in the nation and put them all to work! We think this would be doing the nation some good, rather then spending it all on your self. Be a philanthropic pest control fairy! So if you've ended up winning the drawing you can do all these great things and more! We also know of a company based out of Brooklyn who does great bed bug services if you're in need. 

5 Devastating Failed Attempts At Bed Bug Extermination

by Northeastern Exterminating on 01/11/16

In Recent News there have been many cases where people who are suffering from bed bug infestations try taking the mission of extermination into their own hands, with catastrophic results. This extermination experimentation will usually end up causing much more harm and damage then the person expects. The homeowners/tenants use the information they read on the internet and apply it to every day life not thinking of repercussions.  Below we will list the 5 most recent evens of failed catastrophic DIY bed bug extermination attempts, just to show you its starting to become a real problem. Northeastern Exterminating takes our customers and the general publics safety very seriously which is why we posted these stories. Please don't try this at home. 
  1. On January 4, 2016 a Detroit man set himself, as well as his apartment, on fire while trying to self treat his apartment for bed bugs. Its known that rubbing alcohol in certain percentages will kill bed bugs on contact, this guy thought it was a smart idea to completely soak his sofa in rubbing alcohol. He soon there after laid on his couch to light a cigarette. After lighting a cigarette he saw a bed bug on the arm of the chair next to him. He relit his lighter to burn the bed bug when the alcohol soaked couch engulfed in flames. Not only did he burn down his apartment but he also effected 9 other apartments, rendering them inhabitable. He also caused himself serious burns. The fire sprinkler that was set off due to the fire caused flooding in an additional two dozen apartments. This recent story is why its never a good idea to self treat. Rubbing alcohol can kill the bugs on contact but it will not eliminate the bed bug eggs or kill bugs that it does not come into contact with. Professional grade products will leave a residual that will kill bugs even after it is sprayed. 
  2. Last year in April, a Omaha man, fed up with bed bugs destroyed his house. He was using gasoline to get rid of bed bugs when the fumes were ignited by the water heater pilot light. The man injured him self and could have killed everyone in the home. Luckily everyone survived. Using gasoline is a very foolish way to get rid of any bugs, so please never do this. 
  3. Also in April of 2015 a Long Island, New York man blew up his car in an attempt to eradicate the bed bugs from his rental car. Apparently the gentleman has been living in his car and inherited a case of bed bugs. A friend reccomended that rubbing alcohol would work. Desperate for relief he dumped bottles of rubbing alcohol all over the rental car. Similar to the man in Detroit he then lit a cigarette which ignited the fumes and engulfed the car in seconds. He received second degree burns from the explosion. 
  4. Back in July of 2013 an explosion due to improper application of over the counter bed bug aerosol foggers (also known as bug bombs) caused an explosion in NYC's Chinatown. These foggers are widely used by do it yourselfers trying to eradicate bed bug issues. The problem is the users do not read the label which states to turn off all pilot lights and open flames. These foggers are highly flammable and ver dangerous to use. In this particular case it is not clear how many foggers were set off. Three people were badly injured from the explosion and it cased a partial building collapse. 
  5. Back in November of last year, a Detroit woman, who was fed up with dealing with bed bugs for a year devised a plan of action to get rid of the bugs. She tried to perform her own heat treatment by turning on the oven and the stove top. She left the apartment and slept in her car in hopes she would perform a DIY heat treatment. When she arrived and realized the heat treatment did not work, she started to pour rubbing alcohol all over the apartment including herself (Twenty bottles in total). During this frantic application of rubbing alcohol she turned around and saw flames. This caused 9 fire engines and 60 personnel to fight the flames. 
These are just 5 examples of many failed Do-it-yourself bedbug treatments that went terribly wrong. When dealing with a bed bug infestation please always consult a professional prior to any self treatment. Inform the PCO of what you plan on doing so they can explain the dangers and risks you are taking. Pest Control is no joke and when people are stressed and sleep deprived they will try anything to get rid of bed bugs in change for a quiet nights sleep. 

Turning A One Time Customer Into A Repeat Customer

by Northeastern Exterminating on 01/04/16

When servicing an account for the first time its always good to leave a positive lasting impression so you increase the chances of a return customer. Since homeowners will likely use a pest control service more then once in their lifetime it is your duty to leave a sterling impression on the homeowner during the first service date. One time services such as bed bug treatments or termite inspections can turn a one time shot into a repeat customer with the correct swagger. The deciding factor of if they will return is how great their experience was with the quality of service. The goal of that first service is to get the customer familiar and comfortable with you so they remember you for a lifetime. 

The first tip to increase the odds of getting a repeat customer is for a one time service such as a bed bug treatment, its great to offer a complementary pest inspection on other parts of the home. This inspection will be a benefit to both you and the client. The client will gain more knowledge about pests and their behaviors and also if there are any other issues lurking in their home should be worried about. As the PCO, you have an opportunity to discover an additional pest issue and the possibility to gain more revenue and a long lasting customer. Since you are already at the service address you may also be able to provide the homeowner with the additional service at discounted rate or even better throw it in for close to nothing. This one time service for the additional pest is a great way to get a maintenance program started.

Customer service truly is everything. Online reviews are great but personal experience speaks volumes. When the customer feels like they're valued, they will be loyal to you. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we will always reach out to the customer a few weeks after the first visit. We will then usually reach out to them months later to see how the service went. When the holidays roll around its great to send out hand written cards and if you're good enough send the customer a birthday card. You can include coupons or latest promotions in these cards and you may get another sale out of the cost of a postage stamp. A little care goes a long way in this business and when the customer feels valued they will return. 

When a customer truly believes in your service they want you succeed so they will want to give you money. Not only will they be comfortable with paying your current asking rate but they may even recommend you. A recommendation is a great sign that you're doing something right. This new customer is additional revenue and another source of income. We always tell our customers that recomendations are the best way to compliment us. We will give 15% off any first recommended services for the person who recommended and the first time customer. Win win for everyone. 

Surveys are a great way for you to understand the strong points of your company policies and your employee work ethic. More Importantly, it will reveal the weak points. Rather than think you are the best PCO in town cause you have good online reviews, send out a survey to all customers and let them tell you the truth. You may want to ask questions about the quality, value, promptness, politeness, and treatment outcome of your company. This will teach you more about your weak points in which you need to improve. When you've stopped learning you've stopped growing. There are always areas everyone can improve so use these surveys to understand where you need to grow. 

Small talk is great for relationship building. Speaking about the neighborhood activities, local sports team and favorite car models are great ice breakers and can help a customer relate to you. When a customer feels like they share a commonality with you their is a greater chance they will remember you the next time they need pest control. The relationship building will also cause the customer to feel valued and a part of your family they are more likely to return. Its good to chat but don't get too personal. Its great to speak about relatable topics but nothing scandalous. Some PCOs make the mistake discussing politics, religion and personal beliefs. Doing this may lose your company many accounts. A word to the wise is to keep your political party and views to your self even if provoked. Sometimes biting your tongue is difficult but no one will be a repeat customer if you begin talking about your view on abortion rights while lying on their kitchen floor. 

Roach Bait Treatment Problems

by Northeastern Exterminating on 12/20/15

Hiring a pest control professional to treat your home or business for roaches is something many home or business owners will go through at-least once in their life. As a customer, it is important for you to do your research and understand what treatment options may be best for your situation. There are two different approaches that many pest control professionals will use. There is a liquid product spray vs a gel bait and those the most popular treatment methods. The majority or pest control pro's will know whats right for your infestation. The gel bait is a great approach but there are some things you need to know about that that we will address in todays blog. 

Roach bait is great for long term positive effects on a house hold roach infestation. The Roach baits have natural lures and attractants in them and allow them to be palatable to the roaches. After the PMP has baited, never spray ANY products in the area that the PCP has treated. Spraying even simple household cleaners could have the opposite expected outcome on roach gel baits.  Once anything is sprayed in the same area of a bait or gel treatment it will cause the bait to be completely useless. By spraying Raid, Bleach, or any other household product on a treatment bait has caused it to repel the pest rather then attract it. Also before having a treatment please inform your exterminator prior to his treatment if you have used any OTC sprays or baits.

Competing conditions are also an issue when using a bait treatment. If the roaches have to choose between the leftovers of taco tuesday or the latest bait, they'll probably choose the real foods and won't even notice the bait. Please always try to keep a clean kitchen, Espically during a roach treatment. Proper sanitation is key to keeping pests away. The less they have to eat the more they'll want to eat the bait. 

A few weeks after the bait has taken its effect ask the exterminator if they offer any exclusionary services. Once the roaches are dwindling in population its good to have the exterminator return and seal off any cracks or small holes where future roaches may want to hide. This will make future infestations more managable. During this sealing service, ask the pest control pro if he recommends removing the old bait and putting down a fresh new different type of bait. They will inform 
you why or why not this may be a good idea at that time.