The positives of having bed bugs

No matter who you speak to you hear about the horrors of bed bugs, but have you ever sat and thought maybe there may be some positives of having bed bugs? People who deal with bed bug infestations in their homes always make the problem sound very unpleasant an stressful. In todays blog post we want to be a little optimistic and fun so we will try to point out some positive outcomes that may stem from a bed bug infestation.

  1.  All of your clothes and linens will be squeaky clean. As a part of prep, many exterminators suggest that clients was all of their clothes and any linens. Although it stinks having bed bugs- but now you wont have to do laundry for a while.
  2. It will force you to clean your carpets, floors and curtains. Prior to a bed bug treatment it is recommended to vacuum/mop all floors as well as vacuum/wash your curtains/blinds. Having clean floors and curtains can also help with dust allergies.
  3.  No more clutter. All of those knick knacks, old dusty sneakers, and your childs old toys can all be donated or thrown out. Many people will get rid of much clutter in their home to reduce the harborages for bed bugs. Customers have told us that prepping for bed bug treatments also give them a good reason to do some spring cleaning and make more space in their homes.
  4. You’ll learn how to inspect for bed bugs. During our inspections we teach our customers where to look and what to look for so they can do self inspections once a month.
  5. You’ll eliminate non-target pests. Treatments used to exterminate bed bugs can also get rid of those pesky spiders and ants that you see in your bed room. Not only will the treatments eliminate your bed bugs, but maybe your centipedes too!
We know, there is nothing great at all about having bed bugs. If you take into consideration all we have listed, maybe it isnt so bad. As long as you hire a thorough professional who will get rid of your problem, you should get rid of the bugs within a couple of visits. In the mean time, try to be positive and understand things could always be worse. If you want to add anything to the list, please do so in the comment section below.

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