How am i sure if i have bed bugs?

Northeastern Exterminating always tries to give our customers good accurate advice. When we don’t know the answers to our customers questions, we research the topic as much as possible and then get back to them. We realize an educated customer is a happy customer. The number one call we get to our office is ” I am getting bites, but i am not sure if they are bed bug bites or not”. They ask ” How am i sure if i have bed bugs or not?”. This question opens many, many doors.

Accusations of possible bed bug infestations take much detective work to arrive at a possible solution. Although bed bugs tend to bite in ” patterns of 3″ this is not always the case. There is no way to indefinitely identify a skin reaction or bite. Doctors,entomologists or exterminators cannot tell you for certain what your bug bite is from. Its simply impossible.The general public may not realize it but pest control is more customer service and diagnosing than actual pest control itself.
The first thing we recommend for our customers is to have a professional come by and take a look. They will usually inspect for bed bugs upon arrival. A well experienced exterminator will know what to look for, and 9 times out of 10 will locate the infestation if one is indeed present.
With some customers it becomes a problem. Some customers think they are getting bit by something, but they are not. It sounds simple enough to tell a customer that they don’t have a bed bug infestation. But the fact of the matter is that this person is getting bites, or what they think are bites and they want a solution. Legally you cannot treat for bed bugs unless you find a identifiable insect.
At Northeastern Exterminating we do realize that many of our customers suffer from a disorder called Formication, or a type of Paresthesia. Formication causes feelings of itchy skin or crawling skin on a person. We encounter people on a regular basis who suffer from this type of mental disorder. They believe they have bugs crawling in or on their skin and call us to come by to do a bedbug inspection. After our thorough inspection we find no evidence of bed bugs. Sometimes it takes many questions but we usually figure out if its bed bugs or just a case of paresthesia.
If you have a feeling of itchy skin, have bites that your not sure of give us a call. We are here to help you during this tough time. Call us at (718)336-0634 or visit us at for scheduling information. We want you to know you are not alone. You may, or may not have bed bugs and we are willing to be honest with you.

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