Insects that resemble bed bugs

To the untrained eye, there are many insects and mites that resemble bed bedbugs. Here at Northeastern Exterminating  We offer free pest identification through our email. If customers suspect they found a bed bug in their home we encourage them to send us a photo. 75% of the time it is a false alarm. Every so often we go on an inspection because the customer told us they found bed bugs on their beds. When we arrive to the clients home, we find many different types of insects but not any bed bugs.

All of the following insects/mites resemble bed bugs to the untrained eye:
  1. Springtails
  2. Booklice ( Psocids )
  3. Bird mites
  4. Spider mites
  5. Spider beetles
Always consult with a professional when you suspect you have bed bugs. At Northeastern Exterminating we offer free Pest Identification Services. We ask you to email us a photo of the pest in question. We want you to understand we are not asking you to disregard any insects you find in your bed. We are merely trying to educate the public of many insects that we see on a daily basis that people mis identify.
Another alarm to clients and homeowners are skin irritations or bites on the skin. You cannot suspect bed bugs just based off ” bites ” on your skin. Many people have allergies and are un-aware of what is causing them. There is also many people who experience a psychological disorder called ” Delusional Parasitosis”. Delusional Parasitosis is a psychological disorder that makes the host feel as if they are infested with parasites. They often describe crawling under their skin and itching from invisible bugs. They develop sores on the skin from picking at the “invisible bugs” and believe the sores are results of the bugs biting them.
After all said and done, the reasons above is why you must consult a professional when you have the slightest suspicion of bed bugs. Pest control professionals deal with pest identification and inspections on a daily basis, so they are able to tell you more about your problem. Remember, always get multiple quotes and dont just go with the first opinion. Please call us at (718)336-0634 if you have any questions, no matter where you are!

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