5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs

5 Signs That Your High-Quality Mattress Has Bed Bugs

Writer: “Will”

The bed bug is a tiny and elliptical insect that feeds on human and animal blood.
This bloodsucking creature that crawls out of its hiding place at night prefers to live
in the gaps between the bed frame and the mattress. However, it favors natural
materials like fabric or wood over plastic and metal. One attribute in its favor is
that it does not transmit disease.

Ugh! And the real shocker is that this insect can even be found in the cleanest
households or five-star hotels. So, say goodbye to the myth that the bed bug is only
a resident in homeless shelters or the like. They like soft box-spring mattresses and
a clean environment. All they need to survive is you and a temperature not
exceeding forty-five degrees Celsius.

Once you have a bed bug infestation, it is very difficult to get rid of. Another thing
is that this diminutive nocturnal insect is very tough to spot. For this reason, we
want to give you the five most obvious signs that you might be sharing your bed
with something other than your partner.

1. ‘Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite’ – The insect moves
in on the sleeping host when they are in a state of deep sleep, which is
usually a few hours before sunup. You will be able to notice the bites
because they appear in clusters or zigzag lines on any exposed skin all over
the body. In more severe situations, the resulting rash can be fluid-filled or
become infected with bacteria. To counter discomfort, there are many ways
to treat the bed bug bite.

2. Excrement – Not only might you be sharing your bed with an unwelcome
guest, but also that visitor has the audacity to use your mattress as its toilet.
Naturally, the bed bug will leave stains that look like black felt tip marks on
the sheets – this fecal matter is nothing other than digested blood. Thank
Goodness, you can quickly remove it with a damp cloth, so there is no
permanent damage to your mattress or sheets.

3. Bloodstains on the pillow and sheets are a pretty sure sign that you have
these little blighters sleeping with you. These marks result from you moving
about and squashing the insect.

4. You have a musty smell permeating the bedroom. You will recognize the
scent at once because it is one of those things our instincts go on high alert
about. The odor secreted by the bug is mildewed and off-putting and has
the function of warning the other members of the group when something
disturbs them. One thing to note, the more intense the odor, the more
severe the infestation.

5. Bed bugs are relatively easy to spot when the female deposits its eggs. These
eggs are translucent and have an ivory-white color. When the egg is first
laid, a shiny film coats the surface, making it easier to stick to any surface
material. Although small in size (around 1 mm and shaped in the form of a

grain of rice), they tend to cluster on rough surfaces like wood or maybe
near the fabric of the headboard.

Once the insect leaves the egg, shells are left in its wake as they mature. We
don’t want to ruin your next trip to the cinema, but these remnants look like
semitransparent popcorn kernels.

As a female bug can birth up to five eggs a day, it is imperative to take
action as soon as possible.

A few tips to help prevent an infestation

Prevention is always the best! Never leave any clothing or other soft items on the
floor to reduce possible hiding places for this highly versatile creature. Always wash
your clothes when you return home from a hotel. If you have a penchant for
second-hand furniture, always check it before you bring it into your home and
especially the bedroom. Use steam pressure to clean the headboard and mattress

But should you encounter any of the aforementioned signs of a bed bug infestation
don’t panic. It is generally best to involve a pest expert to make double sure.

Happy hunting without ever discovering your prey.

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