4 Reasons to support local businesses

When a customer is shopping around for a service company or product, many of them will debate whether to use a local small business or a large corporation. There are advantages, as well as disadvantages to both. For example, when purchasing appliances for your home you may want to go with well known brands. The reasoning behind using a larger company is that those brands have a  long standing reputation and great product guarantees. There are also times you would use local small businesses. In todays blog post we will speak about the advantages of using a small business, when you need a service done in your home.

  1. Personalized Service. It is more likely that a small business will remember you as a customer. Most small businesses  try to dispatch the same technician to an account because he/she are more familiar with your problem. When you have the same person providing you with service, you build a relationship with the person. In turn you will get a better service out of it.
  2. Reaching upper management. When was the last time you had a complaint and you called up the company you were having a problem with? Did you speak to the president of the company, or just a customer service representative? Usually with small local service businesses, there is no chain of command. If you have a problem with any aspect of the service, you can get a call back from the owner within 24 hours. He/she will do whatever they can to solve your problem, because they truly care.
  3. Supporting local businesses. When you call a patronize a small business you are putting your money back into your community. The employees will buy lunch, shop, get gas etc in your neighborhood. In turn this will provide your area with more business. Small business owners have to put their kids through college, pay bills, and set up savings accounts. By using small businesses you are helping families more than you realize!
  4. Quality work.  Small businesses are called small businesses for a reason! When you hire a local service business you will always get good, honest, quality work. Small business owners see their businesses as their babies. They want to see their customers happy, and satisfied with the services that they were provided with.
These are just a few reasons that you should support local small businesses in your areas. If you would like to add more reasons, please comment below with your website and we will post the quote and add a link onto your site for credit! If you have any questions please contact Northeastern Extermianting.

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