The Tricky Part of Being An Exterminator

Every job has it pros and cons but nothing beats being an exterminator (Especially in New York City). We are called upon by the frantic and weary to rid them of their pest problems. Whether it is a new infestation or a neglected one we are expected to spray our “magic potion” and make the problems disappear. Why are the expectations so high? Dont forget, we are normal people too!  Being in this pest control industry is very tiresome but any exterminator will tell you they love this job. In today’s blog post we wanted to point out some of the tricky things about being an exterminator.

  1.  Believe it or not no matter where we are people will ask us bug questions. As soon as we introduce ourselves as a business owner of a pest control company we get bombarded with questions. It can be at a wedding, a communion or a funeral. Friends and family will tell us about all of their pest problems and expect to be told the solution! If your an exterminator and your at your aunt Millies picnic, you better have brought your ant gel! Cause right before you leave your family will mention that they have a small ant problem. Pests rule this world, and exterminators get rid of them so be on duty at all times!
  2. We have to be used to people yelling at usSince we are in the business of satisfying people, sometimes we just have to surrender and realize we cant satisfy everyone. This business will gives us thick skin without a doubt. A nod and a smile will gets us a long way in this business, so leave your argumentative mood at home. Maybe this is why we make such great spouses! Since people like to google everything about pests, the customers will question us A-Z to see if we know what we talking about. So we are always prepared to be quizzed on occasion. Its impossible to satisfy everyone so being in the pest control industry will toughen you right up.
  3. If you want to have a career in pest control then brush up on all your religions, cultures and customs. Living in a big city surrounded by different nationalities is a wonderful thing. Although, ignorance could get you in a lot of trouble. I once removed a birds nest as a favor during a bee job and was yelled at and the customer refused to pay me. Apparently, in the Chinese culture of Feng Shui it is believed that when a bird builds a nest on your property, it is a sign of good luck. It means they feel safe and happy in this location. However, removing the nest is very bad luck. I need not say more :).
  4. Expect to eat in your work truck. Breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed while traveling from job to job. If your a hard worker, there is no time to stop for a lunch break. Always make sure you make reservations at the dashboard diner!
  5. If you dont want bugs crawling on you then this isn’t the business for you. You would be surprised about how often we are roach highways. Bottom line is while your sitting and eating at the dashboard diner dont be surprised if a roach suddenly falls off your head!
Next time you see your exterminator, greet them with a smile. It aint easy being us! If your a pest control professional please add a comment below of the trick part of being an exterminator!

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  1. Ella Starr says:

    How interesting that you talk about how you have to have thick skin to be an exterminator if people are yelling at you for example. I need to find an exterminator for my new home as soon as possible. I will find a reputable pest control company in my area.

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