Worrying About Getting Bed Bugs During A Move

A common question we get asked is “How can i prevent getting bed bugs when moving into a new apartment”. Sometimes bad luck is just bad luck. Although some out-of-towners may see this as being overly cautious it is definitely a reality in NYC. We have had a few inspections where the tenants wanted to be 100% sure before moving into their new place, so we were hired to inspect the new apartment for bed bugs. During the new apartment inspection we saw evidence of bed bug fecal traces, dead bed bugs and cast skins. Although we cannot prove if the infestation is active, sometimes this evidence is enough to change the mind of the customers. Today we will give advice to all of you apartment dwellers on how to decrease the risk of getting a bed bug problem during a move.

  1. If your using a moving company ask them if they have any risk mitigation about bed bugs. A good company will have a method of making sure that the trucks they use daily do not have bed bugs. The last thing you would want to do is put your possibly infested furniture on a truck that has existing bed bugs on it. You never know who’s stuff was on the truck before you. When you call the moving company, and ask about how they are certain the trucks do not contain bed bugs, expect a quick solid answer. If they dance around the answer for a few seconds just find a new company.
  2. Before you sign the lease in your new apartment make sure you ask the landlord to tell you if the building has had any bed bug problems in the past. This is a law in NYC and the landlord has to tell you about any bed bug infestations. Unfortunately they don’t have to tell you what apartment had the problem, but at least you are more informed. The landlord can be sued if they lie, so any evidence that says otherwise is worth saving.
  3. Now is when you hire a professional to inspect the new place. It may seem ridiculous to some, but many people move into already infested apartments. Always have a professional give you the “all clear” before moving in.
  4. Always check the bed bug registry at bedbugregistry.com  this is a public data base where people who have had bed bugs in the past will speak about their experiences about the infestation. Location of the infestation, address, and if there are any landlord/tenant issues.
If you have any questions or suspicions when moving please call a licensed pest control professional. We will always have advice for you during a move and will always try to help the best we can. If you have any further questions, tips or advice please add it below in the comments section.

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