World’s Coolest Exterminator

Is it possible to be the “World’s Coolest Exterminator”? The definition of cool is “to be fashionably attractive or impressive”. It is difficult to say whether an exterminator can be cool or not, after all it does seem to be an opinion so who is the judge?Maybe google will decide. Do you have to be wearing all the latest fashions, riding the coolest vehicle? Maybe you just have to be killing bugs with style. In todays blog post we will explore the possibilities of what it may take to be the worlds coolest exterminator.

  • Tall or short? When taking into consideration the world’s coolest exterminator, does size matter? Some may think so, but others can appreciate the finesse in pest control. You could argue that it is a benefit to be a tall exterminator but others would say the exact opposite.
  • Hair Length? Opinions vary on hair style but pop culture would lead you to believe that Rihanna’s hair style is what is in. Do you think the world’s coolest exterminator should have long hair or short, maybe even bald. There is a certain type of hygiene associated with bald heads. Less hair to catch debris and pest waste.
  • Uniform. What is your opinion of the worlds coolest uniform? This is something that many may take into consideration when thinking of the coolest exterminator. Versace, Dolce & Gabanna, Calvin Klein, Carthartt. Does the world’s coolest exterminator wear couture uniforms that are hand made and only worn once?
  • Roach coach.  To be in the running for the world’s coolest exterminator does your vehicle need to have 20+ inch rims to qualify? Does it need loud bass speakers you can hear from blocks away? It may or may not have tinted windows as well.
  • Location. Even though we know Brooklyn is the coolest place on earth, where would the second coolest place to be an exterminator. Maybe Georgia, California, Florida? I think we’ll stick to Brooklyn.
So what do you think it takes to be the world’s coolest exterminator?

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