Why you should get a job in pest control

There are so many elements of pest control that truly make it a great career to have. It is a profession that is never ‘black and white’. One day may be a bit dull, while the next could bring interesting surprises and good memories. Some look at it as a dirty job, which at times it could be. But more importantly pest control is about the love for helping people. We will admit, we love to eliminate rats, capture squirrels and kill roaches. The more important aspect is having a love and respect for what you do and solving peoples problems, which at times could be very serious to people health and well being. If your a college student, or hate your job here are a few reasons why you may want to start to dabble in pest control.

  1. Supportive Industry. Pest control is a 11 billion dollar a year industry. This shows you how well versed pest control can be. From meeting to associations, such as National Pest Management Association, pest control has many supportive associations to be a part of. These associations can be a great help to you and you business in many ways. They can give legal advice, update you on new regulations and even help you get special fleet gas deals. They are out there to protect us! There is also a brotherhood among other PCO’s that is unspeakable. You all experience similar up’s and down’s. We all respect each other.
  2. Growth. Everyone starts out on the same level, but the sky is the limit! Your first year as a professional pest control technician you will learn all the in’s and out and the do’s and dont’s. You will learn how to approach many problems and this is a crucial year where many people drop out from the job. After the allotted amount of time you will be a certified applicator where you will be able to go out un-supervised and really get your feet wet. If your working for someone, you can eventually start your own company. The amount of success is bottomless as long as you are a go-getter. This is a industry for hustlers.
  3. Problem Solving. If your good at puzzles this is the job for you. Not only do you have to be highly educated on the reasons why pests do what they do, but now its your job to eliminate them. Some pests are easy while others are very smart. Thinking outside the box is something that is commonly done in pest control. At every level, your dealing with different problems. From technician to business owner you always have a much different problem to solve so be prepared to be a chameleon.
  4. Never gets dull. If you like to keep an interest in your job, pest control is for you. One day you can be locked in a basement with an animal, and another day you could be under a house dodging snakes. All pest control pro’s have their war stories, and you will soon have yours.
  5. Work out doors.  If your an outdoorsy type of person this may be the job your looking for. No more stuffy office work (well, some but not too much!)
  6. Flexible Hours. The pest control industry is a 24/7 hour service. Because pests dont sleep, so we dont either! If your afraid to miss you family gathering or daughters graduation, pest control can be very flexible. Being a pest control professional could allow you to be around for your family more often.
We hope we gave you just a few reasons to consider pest control. Just remember this, we’re not in it for the money but were in it for the love and respect of the job. Some just dont understand, but when your in it for the right reasons and you love your job the success follows. If you need any help or any questions about a job in the pest control industry please feel free to contact northeasternexterminating@gmail.com. If you are in the industry please feel free to comment below and add any reasons why you think others should jump on board!

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