Why You Should Be Friends With An Exterminator

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we like to bring awareness to all the aspects of pest control. Everything from the chemicals being used, how they are applied and qualities you should look out for when hiring a company. But in todays blog post we will be looking at the person who is applying the materials. There are many positive qualities that all pest control professionals share. Most exterminators  are good hardworking, family orientated guys/gals. There are always a few bad apples, but as we all know we cant let them spoil the bunch. Today we will point out the positive traits of the good ones. If you are not friends with an exterminator, heres a few reasons why you should start your search.

  1. Not very squeamish. Many seasoned exterminations have seen it all and done it all. When faced with a loose animal, or large pest infestation the exterminator is a person who has experienced this before. They have the unbelievable ability to remain calm during these fight or flight situations. Where many may run, exterminators have to run toward the fire. Kitchen loaded with thousands of roaches? Trust your exterminator to be brave enough to step into the abyss.
  2. Great problem solvers. Pest control is seen as ‘killing bugs’ by many. The reality is that pest control is mostly problem solving and deductive reasoning. Not only do you have to understand the biology of the target pest, but you also must know where they may be nesting. Exterminators must take entry points into consideration as well as how this particular pest is feeding. They must do a lot of investigating to come to the conclusions of your personal treatment plan. While some “spray and pray”, a true exterminator will properly apply the material to ensure pest elimination and prevent the spread of disease.
  3. Hard Working. A true exterminator is a very hard worker. They must bend into small spaces, lift heavy objects and crawl into dark damp areas. Pest control is a very physical demanding and labor intensive job. They work day and night, cold and hot.
  4. Compassionate & Caring. When an exterminator is faced with solving a families pest problem they truly want to get their job done so the family can sleep comfortable. Usually family people themselves, exterminators use all the above mentioned  traits to their advantage to rid homes and businesses of problem pests that cause health problems and structural damage.
In one of our other blog posts, it explains why you should respect your exterminator. We hope we made you understand how hardworking and friendly pest control professionals can be. Now you see how it can be beneficial to befriend a pest control tech. Male, female, tall, short, fat or skinny- exterminators come in all shapes and sizes but are usually very nice genuine & caring human beings! If you have any stories about your exterminator, or have any more you would like to add to our list please email us or leave a comment below!

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