Why Pest Control Is Worth The Money

When homeowners take notice of pest issue in their home they immediately want it out. Its never at the right time, sometimes before a family get together or home event. Some DIY homeowners will take a ride to the local hardware store with well intentions to purchase products specifically targeted for their pest problem. The wise homeowners will reach for their laptop or smart phone and begin to Google “local pest control companies”. The DIY homeowners believe that pest problems are something you should always try to take care of your self and they feel that pest control isn’t worth the money. Those DIY-ers couldn’t be more then wrong.

One main aspect to eliminating a pest problem is to know where the source of the pest is coming from. This is something a PMP will attempt to locate and mitigate this source as soon as possible. For example, a sweaty or leaky pipe in a basement could be contributing to your rodent infestation. Pest Control Professionals have extensive knowledge in what areas would breed and attract certain pests. Sometimes just eliminating the attracting source will elimiate the pest all together. Sometimes a DIY-er would just treat for the issue and never try to locate the source which is cause the infestation to grow overtime.
Hiring a professional may cause a homeowners to initially spend a couple hundred bucks but could save them thousands in future repair bills. A homeowner that does not understand the full extent of what pest they are dealing. Some pests are silent vandals. Unless the homeowner opens up a wall or does some investigative work they’ll never find out their home is about to fall over. For example if termite damage goes unnoticed and untreated, a $1000.00 termite treatment sounds very expensive until its compared to $25,000 in damage repair.
Identification is probably the most important part of treating for pests and this is where PMPs truly shine. Misidentifying a species of insect could render a treatment ineffective. Understanding the pest at hand is key to a successful treatment. A homeowner who is treating themselves for mice when they really have an infestation of rats will never get rid of this issue. A seasoned PMP will know where this particular pest will eat, drink, nest and yes, even poop.
As a homeowner, your health should be taken into consideration when treating your home for pests. After all, its your castle. Your family lives there. You may even have pets or babies, its your sanctuary. Purchasing store bought products and placing them around your home could be putting your whole family in danger. Its better to hire someone who understands the ‘Who,what,where,when and why’s’ of product application. Pests are also known to spread disease so you want to get rid of these things quickly without delay.
The bottom line is that as a homeowner when you decide to hire a professional, you’re going to have an experienced, licensed individual who is looking out for your best interest to team up with you to get rid of these pests. They may even teach you a thing or two in the process. Sometimes you get what you pay for. A $11.00 product at the hardware store may seem like a good idea but it could do more harm then good. When you hire a pro your allowing someone who has years of experience of continuing education behind his/her belt.

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