Why Pest Control Is So Important

Often under appreciated, pest control professionals perform a very important task on a daily basis. Removing pest infestations could be a very dirty job that goes unnoticed by many. We are hired by homeowners, business owners, and government agencies to eliminate pest problems from all types of environments to keep the general public safe. Sometimes we are demonized by misinformed people who think we spray cancer causing chemicals, hurt family pets, and put you in danger. But to truly appreciate pest control you must picture a work without any pest control methods. Imagine how bad things would really be. In today’s blog post our goal is to get you understand why pest control in so important.

  1. Pest control makes it possible for us all to eat. Without simple crops like wheat, fruits and vegetables we just couldn’t survive. Treating these crops in a safe manner with EPA registers materials prevent pests from damaging food.
  2. The economic infrastructure depends on keeping everything from homes, crops, businesses free from pests. Not only does the pest control industry generate revenue for the economy, but the economy depends on pest control to thrive. Just think, what if banks were infested? All of the money could turn into saw dust. If restaurants and grocery stores were infested, where would you eat? Better yet, what could you eat?
  3. As we all know, pests spread nasty infections and disease. Asthma, Haunta virus, malaria, west nile and lyme disease are just a few. Understand that pest control keeps these pests at a low population to prevent the spread of any health problems but does not completely eliminate the pests due to some pests contributing positive benefits to crops.
  4. Many mysterious fires are later found to be caused by rodents chewing at electrical wiring. An unknown amount of homes and businesses are saved by fires due to a regular rodent control program. Exterminators prevent fires!
There are so many more reasons why pest control is so important. We now leave the floor open to our readers. In your every day life why do YOU feel that pest control is so important? Again, if you cannot think of an answer, just imagine a word without pest control. Yuck!

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