Why Medical Facilities Must Be Pest Free

When a family member has a doctors appointment, major surgery, or is in a rehab setting, the last thing you want to hear them mention is that it was infested with pests. The reality is that all medical facilities are battling with a pest problem no matter the size. Although all environments should be pest free, medical facilities have a zero tolerance for pests and for a good reason. Pests that homeowners would see as strictly nuisance pests, hospital staff sees them as detrimental to the daily operation of the hospital. In todays blog we will speak of why it is important of medical facilities to be pest free.

  1. Expensive medical equipment. At hospitals, there are many multi-million dollar machines that conduct tests on patients on an hourly basis. If pests get a hold of these machines they can cause major malfunctions. These malfunctions could bring the hospital operation to a screeching halt. A malfunction could also cause serious injury to a patient which means a big malpractice lawsuit. One rodent in the wrong place at the wrong time could cause millions of dollars worth of damage and lost revenue. Rodents love warmth and love to chew at wires. Coincidentally medical equiptment is warm and has a lot of wires.
  2. Cleanliness. I don’t know about you but i don’t know anyone who would want to go to a doctors appointment that smells like a dead rodent. Have you ever gotten a check up at a doctors office and seen a roach on the wall? I hope not. When your at you’re  most vulnerable time in a gown you don’t want to see pests running around the office. A doctors office should be a sanitary safe place for us to feel safe.
  3. Spread of disease and sickness. When you’re in a medical facility your hoping to recover, not to get more sick. Having a pest problem in a medical facility can do more harm then good. Its a bit counter-productive. Lack of pest control in a doctors office could actually spread some disease and cause sickness instead of helping to cure it.
  4. Violations. Health Departments around the country do inspections on medical facilities with a fine toothed comb. After too many violations these hospitals could be shut down by these city agencies. A whole communities health could be threatned by a simple uncontrolled pest problem.
Lets face it, any medical facility with a pest problem will get a bad reputation. A bad reputation will lead to a loss of revenue, and even could cause the facility to close down. Although many may not look at a pest problem this seriously, it is a reality. If you run a medical facility and are currently losing a battle with pests give us a call for advice. There is no reason you should jeopardize your patients, income, and employees for a few rats. Email us at [email protected] for any questions.

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