Why Inspections Should Be The First Step In Your Pest Control Program

Every single pest control treatment should start off with a visual inspection by the contracted pest control company. If your pest control tech. has arrived and started to treat based off your word or what you told them, they did the wrong thing. Inspections can help the pest control technician solve your problem with more precision and safety. Inspections can turn up a whole array of hidden factors that could contribute to future pest issues. Today we will list a few ideas of why inspection are so important.

  • Pest Identification is a very important part of pest inspection. When treating for a target organism there are certain products and methods you may use to treat. If a customer is complaining of waking up with bites and you treat for bed bugs you may not figure out that their problem could be fleas. This causes unnecessary application of material and a very unhappy customer.
  • Inspecting for pest conducive conditions is great when creating a program on treating the pest. If a customer is having a carpenter ant problem or even worse, a termite problem, firewood standing against the house may be a big red flag. These inspections may also help if the pest professional notices something that is a potential pest problem waiting to happen and removal of these conditions could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Additional issues can come up when doing a pest inspection. When searching for rodent access points your pest professional may notice structural damage or security breeches. In addition they may find that you have a problem with additional pests.
  • Being completely equipped for a treatment is ideal for the pest professional. An inspection will help the PCO understand how much material to bring, as well as PPE and proper tools. Without an initial inspection the PCO could be under equipped and give a unsuccessful treatment. Pest control is a science not a prayer.
  • When paying for a treatment an inspection will help you get a more precise estimate for the job.
  • The most important part of a pest inspection is you will get to meet the potential PCO! You will be allowing this person inside your castle and around your family, so you want to be comfortable with them.
After the tech has performed his or her inspection you may want to gather some information from them. Ask them what they have found, how they intend to treat, what the treatment duration is and get everything in writing! Whenever you have any work done on your home, its always a great idea to have an inspection done for obvious reasons as well. Sometimes people forget that inspections are just as important when it comes to bugs.

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