What NOT To Do When You Have Bed Bugs

When a customer calls us frantic because they just found bed bugs, we try to steer them in the right direction. One of the first things that homeowners will do when realizing they may have bed bugs is they turn to google. After searching a few results, they will be pulled into a hundred different directions. Some websites will push homemade sprays while others will sell bed bug traps and monitors. Always consult with an exterminator before you do anything because you can actually make the problem worse and risk harming your family. Here are somethings we recommend NOT to do.

  • Do not throw out all of your furniture. Although this will increase the risk of removing the infestation you are wasting your money! You will end up having to buy new furniture and possibly re-infesting that furniture with bed bugs. You also run the risk of spreading the problem through your building or home by bugs falling off during the removal of the infestation.
  • Do not begin to spray anything, without consulting with professionals. This spray could be harmful to your health. If it is not applied correctly it could be counter-productive. Most over the counter sprays are contact killers and also work as repellents. Treating with those concoctions could spread the problem, making it quite worse to treat. When bed bugs sense death they will release an alarm pheromone alerting their friends that it is time to move!
  • Do not purchase a “bed bug proof” mattress cover in hopes that this alone will solve your problem.
  • Do not abandon that bed room and start to sleep in a different room. Bed bugs are quite smart and have ways of detecting where you are. In time they will infest the room you tried to escape to. Now instead of a problem in one rooms, now you have bed bugs in two rooms.
  • Do not hire based off low prices. Make sure you find out all you can about the company or individual you want to hire. Speak with a few people before making your choice.
We posted this blog in hopes that some of you frantic homeowners read this and understand what not to do. We understand things can be a bit frantic now, but the most logical thing to do at this time is do your research. Do not make any quick decisions. You can visit sites like bedbugger.com where you can post questions and pro’s will answer. You can also email or call us with any problems. On a daily basis we see customers make the wrong moves, and we hope we convinced you to do the right thing. Good luck!

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