What Customers Want When Hiring Pest Control Companies

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we want the customers to have an amazing experience. We always take the customer experience into consideration during all aspects of the service. From the inspection to job completion we make sure the customer is happy and comfortable with what our plan is. We want the customers to understand that they are hiring an pest control professional that they can trust and work with for years to come. Every now and then we reach out to our customers to get their feedback on our services. We wanted to be able to think like a customer so Recently we reached out to customers and asked them what was most important to them when they were in the market for pest control. What did they like that some companies provided, what they didn’t like, and what was the most important factor when they ended up hiring us. 

  • Michael from Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn told us “To be honest, I was just looking for someone with a good online reputation. I feel like 15 years ago I had no idea who I was hiring and I had to be more careful. Now with a few keystrokes I can research everything about the company I am looking to hire”. Thank you for that Michael, reputation sure is important! Its also great how now people can search to see if the company is actually licensed etc.
  • Juliette from Harlem, NYC responded “When I was calling around, my initial thought was that I wanted someone I felt comfortable with. After a few phone calls I realized that a lot of companies don’t even pick up their phones! Originally I was looking for honesty but that changed to someone who would actually pick up the phone when I reached out. I thought to myself – these people are in business to make money but i guess if they don’t want to answer my call they don’t want my money. Then i thought to myself, what if my grandchildren visit and get sick from the mouse poisons? I want to use someone who will pick up the phone for an emergency.” This is actually a great point Juliette. This is a complaint we hear about often. Now i can’t speak for other companies but we always try to have someone answering our phones during normal business hours. The customers reaching out is very important to us.
  • Ronald from Ridgewood, Queens expressed that “I wanted to use a company who actually came out to meet me, look at the work needed to be done and give me a quote. There were just too many knee-jerk exterminators ready to come treat my bed bug problem the same day. After the research I did I knew this was a big red flag. I wanted to use someone who was hungry for the business but not desperate to do things the wrong way.” Ronald, inspections are important to us too. We will very rarely sell a bed bug treatment over the phone site unseen. Usually we like to perform an inspection prior to any treatment. This inspection helps us understand your bed bug infestation better and will give us the ability to provide you with a quote for the job. Our technician will also explain how to prepare for your treatment. We try to customize prep for every single bed bug job as no infestation is the same. Thanks for that feedback Ron! 
  • Tammy from Park Slope, Brooklyn wrote “I wanted to use a pest control company that explained my treatment options and helped me make an informed decision. I have three kids and one on the way and my Physician expressed that using chemicals may not be the best option for me right now. It was very important to me that someone spend time to explain what products or methods they use and provide me with websites that provide product information on these chemicals or methods. Many companies would just tell me what they did and the ball park price, a few even hung up when I asked too many questions. I wanted a company with the patience to understand that I care about my family and wanted to do whats right for us.” Tammy we hope we went above and beyond what your expectations were. We always send any labels and provide much information to concerned or inquisitive families. Our patience is your happiness and we realize that. 
  • Samantha from Williamsburg, Brooklyn put it simple and said “I just wanted to use someone who had a good guarantee and someone who felt right to me.” We hope we made you feel right Sam! 
Customer happiness and comfort is key to running a successful business. No matter what service or product you provide, the customer experience is very important. For pest control businesses our first objective is to gain the customers trust that we can eliminate their pest problem in the most reasonable way, for the most reasonable cost in a safe manner, with a smile on our face. 

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