Water Loving Insects and How To Keep Them Out

If you have ever had a leaky or sweaty pipes, broken drain, or any plumbing problems you have the ideal habitat for moisture loving insects. Lets face it, all living organisms need H2O to survive. By not addressing these slight moisture problems you are creating a perfect environment for pests. In todays blog we will list a few no-no’s and what pests you are attracting with these types of conditions. We are also happy to give you a few preventative methods and fix advice to make sure you keep a dry home to keep the pests out.

  1. After a rain, water may collect in bottom of garbage can bins, garbage can covers, kiddie pools, even small child’s toys. Mosquitos loves these pools of water, no matter how small,because it is ideal conditions for them to breed. If you hate getting mosquito bites then here is a fix for your problem. Simply go into your back yard after a rain storm and check to make sure no water is being collected in any way. It will not eliminate mosquitos, but will likely reduce the population.
  2. Make sure all windows are caulked and sealed. Do an annual inspection on your windows to make sure there is no rain water leaking into your walls. This could cause many pest problems such as termites, carpenter ants, and beetles to name a few. Preventing slight window leaks would also help you save money on mold detection and removal.
  3. American Cockroaches are a big problem in the big city. Usually we will find that these roaches are originally found in the most damp place in the home, the basement. We find that they enter through the sewer traps and broken pipes in basements. To reduce the population of American Cockroaches, cap off or screen off your waste line sewer access pipe in your basement if you have one.
  4. Rodents need water sources to thrive. Although they are known to get the water they need from the foods they eat. But reducing the water source will make them less likely to stick around. Check your basement of your home for any small puddles of standing water. Rats and mice will thrive in such conditions with a nice fresh drink of water.
Having an annul pest inspection in your home can help understand you as well as your exterminator what needs to be done to reduce your pest problems. Sometimes instead of using chemicals to eliminate the pest, you can reduce the pest population in other ways. Ask your exterminator if they provide these types of inspections. If you have any question about pests, or moisture problems feel free to contact us. No such thing as a silly question, but its silly if you never ask!

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