Turning A One Time Customer Into A Repeat Customer

When servicing an account for the first time its always good to leave a positive lasting impression so you increase the chances of a return customer. Since homeowners will likely use a pest control service more then once in their lifetime it is your duty to leave a sterling impression on the homeowner during the first service date. One time services such as bed bug treatments or termite inspections can turn a one time shot into a repeat customer with the correct swagger. The deciding factor of if they will return is how great their experience was with the quality of service. The goal of that first service is to get the customer familiar and comfortable with you so they remember you for a lifetime.

The first tip to increase the odds of getting a repeat customer is for a one time service such as a bed bug treatment, its great to offer a complementary pest inspection on other parts of the home. This inspection will be a benefit to both you and the client. The client will gain more knowledge about pests and their behaviors and also if there are any other issues lurking in their home should be worried about. As the PCO, you have an opportunity to discover an additional pest issue and the possibility to gain more revenue and a long lasting customer. Since you are already at the service address you may also be able to provide the homeowner with the additional service at discounted rate or even better throw it in for close to nothing. This one time service for the additional pest is a great way to get a maintenance program started.
Customer service truly is everything. Online reviews are great but personal experience speaks volumes. When the customer feels like they’re valued, they will be loyal to you. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we will always reach out to the customer a few weeks after the first visit. We will then usually reach out to them months later to see how the service went. When the holidays roll around its great to send out hand written cards and if you’re good enough send the customer a birthday card. You can include coupons or latest promotions in these cards and you may get another sale out of the cost of a postage stamp. A little care goes a long way in this business and when the customer feels valued they will return.
When a customer truly believes in your service they want you succeed so they will want to give you money. Not only will they be comfortable with paying your current asking rate but they may even recommend you. A recommendation is a great sign that you’re doing something right. This new customer is additional revenue and another source of income. We always tell our customers that recomendations are the best way to compliment us. We will give 15% off any first recommended services for the person who recommended and the first time customer. Win win for everyone.
Surveys are a great way for you to understand the strong points of your company policies and your employee work ethic. More Importantly, it will reveal the weak points. Rather than think you are the best PCO in town cause you have good online reviews, send out a survey to all customers and let them tell you the truth. You may want to ask questions about the quality, value, promptness, politeness, and treatment outcome of your company. This will teach you more about your weak points in which you need to improve. When you’ve stopped learning you’ve stopped growing. There are always areas everyone can improve so use these surveys to understand where you need to grow.
Small talk is great for relationship building. Speaking about the neighborhood activities, local sports team and favorite car models are great ice breakers and can help a customer relate to you. When a customer feels like they share a commonality with you their is a greater chance they will remember you the next time they need pest control. The relationship building will also cause the customer to feel valued and a part of your family they are more likely to return. Its good to chat but don’t get too personal. Its great to speak about relatable topics but nothing scandalous. Some PCOs make the mistake discussing politics, religion and personal beliefs. Doing this may lose your company many accounts. A word to the wise is to keep your political party and views to your self even if provoked. Sometimes biting your tongue is difficult but no one will be a repeat customer if you begin talking about your view on abortion rights while lying on their kitchen floor.

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