Too Close For Comfort

New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world which makes it one of the most densely populated places to live. The congested living quarters can make NYC a very conducive environment for pests. The positives and negatives of living so close to your neighbors sometimes clash. On one have you have someone to watch after your property when your not home, or take in your trash cans. On the other hand one of the negatives of living so close to your neighbors is inheriting their pest problems. Whether you live in a multi-unit building, Condo, Townhouse or semi-attached house, your neighbors problem could very well turn into your pest problem.

As we all know bed bugs are great at traveling. Known as the hitchhikers of the pest world they travel out of instinct. If your living in a building where a neighbor might be having a problem it is highly possible that you could adopt a few of your neighbors bugs. Improper treatment methods, uninformed or ignorant tenants are all reasons bed bugs could travel from one apartment to the next. If a tenant decides to spray a repellant insecticide this could repel the bugs into pipe and wall fixtures which will lead them on a run for safety. Speak with your building manager and ask them what protocol the building has if there is a bed bug scare. The management should have some protocol on hand to inform you of. One tell tale sign to be concerned about is dirty or soiled mattresses in the compactor rooms or garbage area. Be informed on what to look at and take a quick look at these mattresses. Early detection is key and if your suspicious of a bed bug problem in your building, then spread the word and get answers.
In New York City many of the houses are all connected due to the history of the city’s construction and use of space. It is not uncommon to see blocks of attached private homes which could be a concern if your neighbor has Termites. Termites love the old wooden frames in Brooklyn homes. There has been times where we were called to an account to perform a Termite inspection to find that this damage has travel 5 houses down each way. Termites are the silent destroyers which is why an annual termite inspection is something every home owner should consider.
If you’re lucky enough to have some yard space in New York City be careful of your neighbors tree limbs and shrubbery. During the Fall months, many pests such as squirrels, birds, and raccoons look for shelter as the temperatures begin to drop. These tree limbs that go from your neighbors yard straight to your roof are a doorway to to safety for pests.  The pests can run straight into an open window or torn piece of siding straight into your home. To prevent this, inform your neighbor of this concern and ask them politely to trim these branches. If they don’t respond you may remove these limbs your self, according to local laws. Try to have this done before the weather gets too cold.
Many developers are building in areas that never housed residential buildings ever in NYC history. These industrial areas are home to NYC’s famous rat population. Jackhammers, bulldozers and cranes and pound the foundation which will startle many rodents that will be living underground. This construction will not only scare the rodents but it will also destroy their homes. This will cause these rodents to find a new home. One minute your buying a luxury condo and the next your dealing with a bad rat infestation. Make sure the builder or city has an active rodent baiting program during building to reduce the number of these critters.
Living in a city such as New York warrants an annual pest inspection. It may sounds like a sales pitch coming from the mouth of a pest control company but trust us its worth it. Its almost like an annual insurance policy to have a PCO assess the grounds for any current or potential pest problems. A low cost inspection fee could save you thousands of dollars annually. One of the best parts of living in this city is to be neighborly and live close to your neighbors but not have their pests become our pets!

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