Tips For Keeping The Roaches Away

Here at Northeastern Exterminating we feel it is very important for our customers to understand what they can do at home to keep pests like roaches at bay. Our opinion is that giving the customer accurate and relevant information about pests and pest related problems are the number one way to work together to get rid of the infestations. Many companies will just treat an account and leave with no post or prior work to be done by the customers. Although this seems beneficial because the customer just has to sit back and reap the benefit, its un-realistic. Always do your research about the pest in question and always inform your self on what you can do to keep the pest away. Remember, if you can keep the pest away in the first place there is no need for extermination! Which is bad for us, but good for you.

The tips we are providing come to you from some pest pro’s across the country with thanks to social media. We will be adding more tips as we receive them. If you, the homeowner, follow these few tips you can truly reduce the chance of getting roaches in the first place!
  1. Keeping your kitchen spotless. Steve Jackson from Titus Pest Control in Georgia offers us this tip. He explains that keeping our kitchens as clean as possible is beneficial for a roach free environment. Although his tip may seem obvious to some, it is crucial for others. Everyone’s opinion of clean is different so we should all just do the bare minimum and keep the kitchen as clean as possible. Steve also says ” In addition, Make sure all food products remain sealed. Limiting the food supply wont guarantee a roach free home, but it can certainly help.” Thanks for all the tips Titus Pest Control!
  2. Sealing any cracks and crevices. The next tip comes from David Bazan who is a Pest Control Professional located in California. “Seal all cracks around cabinets, Baseboards, kitchen sink.” You can use something as easy as a caulking gun to find any small cracks or holes that you think the roaches are living in. David seems to agree with Steve Jackson about keeping your kitchen sink clean of any dishes. “Food and horborage availability limit cockroach population”. Thank you David for the tips!
  3. No cardboard or paper from the supermarket. The third tip comes from the pro Roger Hicks. “My advice would be to use plastic or reusable bags when shopping rather than boxes and paper bags”. People don’t know it, but many supermarkets are infested with roaches. The number one way people bring home roaches are exactly this way. By reducing the amount of paper products your bringing home from the supermarket will greatly reduce your chance of bringing home a headache. This tip was a great way to think out of the box! Thanks Roger
  4. Sealing windows and doors. The next tip is from a great pest pro, Steve P. He seems to agree with David Bazan but takes things a step further. “Keeping cracks and crevices sealed as a way into the home. Sealing around windows and doors on a maintenance level”. Sealing seems to be a good way to keep all types of roaches outside, where they are supposed to be! Thank you Steve.
          More to come!

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