The World’s Best Exterminator

Today we have a guest entry from our good friend down in Georgia. He is with a great company called Titus Pest Control and if you haven’t heard of them you must be living under a rock. They are the leading pest company down south. Today Steve Jackson wants us to take a minute to think about what it would take to be the World’s Best Exterminator.

You’d have to have a good understanding of all regions of the world.

You’d have to be able to identify thousands of insects, arachnids, snakes, rodents and all sorts of wildlife creatures. But just identifying them wouldn’t be good enough, you’d also need to know how to eradicate these pests.

I’m not sure which exterminator holds the title of “World’s Best”, but I’m certain it isn’t Joseph Molluso.

How do I know this?

Here are the top five reasons:

  1. He’s Not Really an Exterminator

Okay some people might call him one. He might even call himself an exterminator, but if he does, it’s for sake of simplicity. Joseph is a Pest Control Professional. Exterminating is a job, Joseph is career guy. He concerned about the safety of his customers and the environment. Calling Joseph an exterminator is like calling the Barclays Center a gymnasium – it’s way more than that …… and Joseph is way more than just an exterminator.

  1. He’s Never Been Face to Face With a King Cobra

I haven’t confirmed this, but I’m going to play the odds and assume he hasn’t taken ANY Cobra calls.

Those things are pretty venomous and I hear they’re all over India and Southeast Asia. There’s no way you could be considered the World’s Best without being a good Cobra handler.

  1. He Has a Soft Spot for Butterflies

NEWS FLASH- Exterminators are hired hit men. We get paid to knock things off. To be the best, you have to be ruthless. You’ve got to be able to put personal feelings aside and carry out the job.

Capture and release? Pfft!

Butterflies should be spared at customer request only, No Exceptions!

  1. His Armadillo Trapping Skills Suck

Are you kidding me? Even Billy “The TV Guy” can catch an Armadillo.

Huh? …….. Brooklyn doesn’t have Armadillos???

That’s no excuse. Armadillos are a HUGE nuisance from Texas to South Carolina. The World’s Best Exterminator must be proficient in the art of Armadillo trapping.

  1. Being the Best Isn’t Good Enough

As mentioned earlier, the best exterminator in the world must have a good understanding of all the World’s regions. This exterminator must be a “Jack of all trades”……. and there lies the problem.

If you had a heart murmur, would you go to a General Practitioner or a Cardiologist?

The World’s Best Exterminator might be great at Cobra handling and Armadillo trapping, but the big city is a whole different beast. If you have pest problems in Brooklyn, you don’t want the best exterminator in the World – you need the best in New York.

Do your research. Check out the Yelp and Google reviews and you’ll discover what I already know. Joseph Molluso and his team at Northeastern Exterminating are the best in the five boroughs.

About the Author:

Steve Jackson is Co-Founder of Titus Pest Control of Warner Robins, Georgia. When not performing “important business stuff” and eradicating pests, he likes spending time with his wife and two sons. He also spends countless minutes each day proclaiming himself as the “World’s Coolest Exterminator”. Word is, the jury’s still out on that one.

Thanks Steve!

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