The Camaraderie in Pest Control

Camaraderie is a unexplainable connection you may feel when you share experiences and similarities with others. Camaraderie is the silent language of experiences and fraternity. Soldiers in battle feel it, Pregnant mothers in the delivery room feel it and even fathers feel it with one another. Camaraderie is a special experience that connects two people whom may not feel any connection otherwise. Okay, we’re not comparing Pest Control to a battle field or even delivering a baby but there is no way to explain certain situations that only experience can speak of. It is very important for us as Pest Control Professionals to feel it amongst our colleagues and even our competition.

All pest professionals have experienced some sort of regulatory oversight. PCO’s all realize every step they take can and will be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb. The regulatory over sight could be as simple as inspection, investigation, or more serious forms of enforcement like fines or jail time.  No matter what state or locale your based in, there is a regulatory body that enforces all of the laws pertaining to all aspects of pest control. The laws apply to the storage, purchase, transport, disposal, and application of pesticide and pesticide related materials. Although laws can change from state to state one thing all applicators share is the stress of making sure they follow the law every day.
Dealing with customers is probably the best part of the job and where most exterminators shine the brightest. Little do our customers realize how many hats pest control operators have to wear on a day by day basis. If your pest pro is simply treating the account and going to the next job, they’re doing it all wrong. PCO’s should be seen as a part of the family. No matter how bad their day is they have to greet the whole family, listen to their stories and get rid of the pests all at the same time. Some call pest control professionals multi-talented, others call them psychologists with a bug killing license. Dealing with an eclectic bunch of personalities is something pest control professionals share with one another. There are not many professions that a person can leave one account where the customer had a new baby, on to the next one where the customers elderly grand mother passed away.
Another aspect that contributes to the camaraderie that pest control professionals share are the work conditions. When its hot, its hot. When its cold, its cold and when its dirty, its filthy. PCO’s have seen it all and done it all.
 At one time or another PCO’s have:
  • Crawled in ice cold mud
  • Have an infestation of bugs crawl on them
  • Have an an animal attempt to attack them
  • Have dealt with skin burning from chemical due to work place hazards
  • Stood in an apartment of a hoarder
And have done it all with a smile! This was only a small excerpt taken from a long laundry list of unique work conditions. You get the picture that it is the furthest thing from a 9-5 desk job.
When the year rolls to an end and PCO’s meet their other local competitors at the nearest supply house christmas party, its unexplainable. They speak about “The old days” and how much things have changed. They talk about crazy customers and how they deal with them. The PCO’s share advice about what works and what doesn’t. They tell war stories of unbelievable infestations. There is a camradiere that pest control professionals share with one another that people of other professions will never understand. Its why we are all hardworking, honest and family people. We all love what we do! Its more than just pest control!

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