Spring is here, Is Your Home Ready For The Pests?

It is officially Springtime in Brooklyn and around this time the pests will begin to rear their cute heads in large numbers. As a pest control company we always want to remind our current and future customers that they should begin to take the proper  steps to ensure a pest free spring season. To help you, in todays blog post we will suggest a few ideas to help you reduce the chances of pests in your home this season.

  1. Good sanitation habits. Leaving dishes in your sink, or uneaten food out on the counter is a big no no. Although this is common knowledge to some, others dismiss it until they have a problem. In order to keep pests like ants away from your kitchens, keep the kitchen clean! No food for the bugs means they will have to find another place to go. Storing your trash outdoors is a difficult thing to do in the warmer months. Make sure your garbage can has a locking lid and is not leaking at all from the bottom. Also make sure you clean out your trash can once a month with a bleach/water solution.
  2. Check all your screens. During warm spring days people love to keep a few windows open. Before its too late, perform an inspection on all window screens. Make sure all windows have the screens, and check all screens for holes. Doing so will keep many flying insects out of your home. It will keep them outside, where they belong!
  3. Hire an exterminator. I know we may seem partial giving this tip, but it makes sense if you think about it. Many exterminators will perform a home inspection as well as a pest inspection. We recommend an inspection of your home atleast once every year to keep up with preventative maintenance. The exterminator will be able to inspect for termites. They can also give you any tips to prevent pests entering your home. Also performing a quarterly pest service will reduce the number of insects around your home to close to zero.
  4. Maintain your yard/garden.  Clean up any brush, garbage,debris and your keep your grass cut. This will ensure less of a harborage for many pests. There are actually plants that will keep certain pests away. Perform this maintenance every week or two.
We hope at least one of these tips will help keep you pest free this spring. If you dont have as much luck, give us a call at 718-336-0634 and schedule a home inspection. Sometimes you just have to think like a pest, and the rest will follow! If you have anything you would like to add to help, please do so in the comment section.

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