Roach Bait Treatment Problems

Hiring a pest control professional to treat your home or business for roaches is something many home or business owners will go through at-least once in their life. As a customer, it is important for you to do your research and understand what treatment options may be best for your situation. There are two different approaches that many pest control professionals will use. There is a liquid product spray vs a gel bait and those the most popular treatment methods. The majority or pest control pro’s will know whats right for your infestation. The gel bait is a great approach but there are some things you need to know about that that we will address in todays blog.

Roach bait is great for long term positive effects on a house hold roach infestation. The Roach baits have natural lures and attractants in them and allow them to be palatable to the roaches. After the PMP has baited, never spray ANY products in the area that the PCP has treated. Spraying even simple household cleaners could have the opposite expected outcome on roach gel baits.  Once anything is sprayed in the same area of a bait or gel treatment it will cause the bait to be completely useless. By spraying Raid, Bleach, or any other household product on a treatment bait has caused it to repel the pest rather then attract it. Also before having a treatment please inform your exterminator prior to his treatment if you have used any OTC sprays or baits.

Competing conditions are also an issue when using a bait treatment. If the roaches have to choose between the leftovers of taco tuesday or the latest bait, they’ll probably choose the real foods and won’t even notice the bait. Please always try to keep a clean kitchen, Espically during a roach treatment. Proper sanitation is key to keeping pests away. The less they have to eat the more they’ll want to eat the bait.
A few weeks after the bait has taken its effect ask the exterminator if they offer any exclusionary services. Once the roaches are dwindling in population its good to have the exterminator return and seal off any cracks or small holes where future roaches may want to hide. This will make future infestations more managable. During this sealing service, ask the pest control pro if he recommends removing the old bait and putting down a fresh new different type of bait. They will inform
you why or why not this may be a good idea at that time.

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