Q&A with Brian Mount Technical Service Manager At FMC Professional Solutions

Owning and operating a pest control business has its struggles but none need more attention then the products we decide to purchase. When the time for purchasing products rolls around there are a handful of chemical companies and products to choose from. When choosing products, many professionals go by word of mouth and word on the street of what works vs. what doesn’t. Price is a major aspect when purchasing chemicals but we don’t want to risk quality. As Pest Control Pros we want the best bang for our buck but also want a quality product that solves many pest problems. Knowing that FMC has great quality products we decided to reach out to them and give them a chance to speak a little about the company and the products they have. 

James Molluso reached out to Brian Mount of FMC. Brian Mount was a Professional Certified Pest Operator from 1995-2007. He joined FMC in 2000.  He has held several positions within FMC, including technical service representative, field technical service representative, and Turf and Ornamental market specialist in Florida. 

Prior to joining FMC, Mount worked with several national and regional pest management companies. He is a Board Certified Entomologist. A New Jersey native, he received a Master of Science in entomology from the University of Nebraska.

James: Could you please tell New York City Pest Management Professionals a little about FMC?

Brian:  Ever since our beginning in California in 1883 when John Bean invented the first piston sprayer for agriculture, FMC has continued a proud heritage of pioneering solutions for our customers. Today, we use an array of advanced technologies in manufacturing, research and development to produce customized products and solutions for the many markets we serve. Talstar is our most notable contribution to the pest control industry, but FMC continues to leverage Customer Driven Innovation to fuel new solutions. In 2014 FMC launched EndZone insecticide sticker which is innovative fly control solution and application that provides enhanced residual control of filth flies in commercial environments.

James:  Its amazing how many different industries FMC is a part of. For some reason I only thought you guys were in the pest control industry. Here at Northeastern Exterminating much of our work is bed bug work. In a city like NYC what products by FMC are best for bed bug treatments? The people in our city are very aware and increasingly worried about pesticide resistance.

Brian: According to recent research out of the University of Kentucky Transport® GHP is one of the best products for both susceptible and resistant bedbugs. It can be used for mattress tufts and seams, bed frames, box springs as well as crack and crevice applications.

James: Great to know. Within the past few weeks we actually added Transport to our bed bug programs. One of the best pest control operators in the country, Titus pest control’s Steve Jackson, recently had a blog post about transport which caused us to start using it. So far we have had great results. Is your team trying to develop any new products that you may want to give an insider’s view or a sneak peek of?

Brian:  We are in the process of launching Dos Flea and Crawling insect spray which provides application flexibility through Dual Spray Action and a broad flea and crawling insect label. Of course there are a lot more products in the works that unfortunately are a bit early in the process to talk about.

James: Sounds like a perfect time to be releasing new products as the warmer more busy months are on the way. Brian it was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope to speak with you more in depth in the future. Please keep us informed of any new products or research so we can inform the customer.

If you’re a PCO and you want to ask any more questions to Brian of FMC please write your question below and we will reach out to get it answered. The people FMC are great and we want to thank everyone who made this possible. A special thank you to Debbie Clayton at FMC! Don’t forget to ask your local supplier about any FMC products, they really have some cutting edge stuff.

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