Pests Love A Yard Full of Garbage

One of the major problems we find on initial pest inspections are properties that have a yard full of debris. Having a backyard full of garbage and debris is an ideal harborage for many pests. When we do perimeter treatments for customers in the warmer months we also make sure to mention to them if we notice any conditions that pests may favor . The most common debris we find around peoples home are lumber, garbage, old childrens toys and unused patio furniture.

Here are some reasons why you might want to clean up sooner rather then later:
  1. If ants love anything, its moisture. We all know water is the life source of any organism. If your property is surrounded by debris, its only a matter of time before you start to see some early signs of an ant infestation.  By cleaning up, you will lessen the areas that the ants may want to find refuge.
  2. Standing water attracts many pests, specifically mosquitoes. Debris and garbage can hinder evaporation in some areas which will cause mosquito larvae to grow in small puddles. Old tires and upside down patio furniture are big no-no’s when trying to rid your yard of pests like these.
  3. Having old construction materials laying around such as lumber can bring larger problems. This is a another big no-no. Leaving wood just lying around your home is asking for a termite problem. Termites love any chance they can get to enjoy them selves some nice free wood. You would also be attracting carpenter ants to your yard for a picnic.
  4. A yard full of miscellaneous garbage could be a makeshift shelter for rodents and animals. Sometimes un used sheds, old childrens toys (play houses) and patio furniture are perfect places for animals to live. Just like us, these animals need nice cozy dry places to get away to. If you dont want animals and rodents living on your property for free, either charge them rent or get rid of these debris.
The list goes on. You can save your self thousands of dollars a year in pest control services by rolling up your sleeves and doing that yard work. Pests love procrastination. If you currently have a pest control professional treat your property, have them make recommendations on what you can do to ensure a pest free environment. If you need any advice feel free to contact us with any questions at Also you can leave a comment below. Have a happy pest free spring!

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