Pests In Pop Culture

Every so often in pop culture, insects and rodents that we perceive as pests are used in a positive light. Pests bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. What we all agree is that there is something mysterious about insects and rodents. Insects are often used as an attention getter for many movies, products and Artists. It is always appreciated when pests are brought up in pop culture. Society’s first reaction is to wince, but in todays blog post we hope we get you to realize that pests are used often in pop culture for a reason.

  1. “A Bug’s Life” is an animated movie released in the late 90’s by Disney. This movie was great because it depicted insects as more friendly and not so harmful. Some insects are beneficial, and this movie did a great job teaching children that insects are not always so bad. The movie was highly successful and showed that there was a need for more bugs in pop culture.
  2. Believe it or not Mickey Mouse is actually, you guessed it- a mouse. The world wide mascot of the “Disney” company, Mickey Mouse is seen as a friendly and happy rodent. Many customers and professionals will refer to rodents as “Mickey” to put a comedic slant on not so fun situations. Sometimes even small references like this can give customers a smile in a time when they are stressed about infestations. We can all thank Mr. Disney for that!
  3. Insect Art is another great example of how insects are presented in pop culture. In these works, the artists will use dried out dead insects to depict their feelings or visions. If it is an enlightening work they may use bright full insects such as butterfly’s. If they are looking for a more dark piece they may use large spiders, earwigs or more rare bugs to give a mysterious slant to their work When it comes to insect art, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!
  4. Insects that are being sold as food is a growing trend in the consumer food business. Increasingly, over the past few years many studies have been done that show the benefits of eating insects. Many companies are releasing snack bars containing crickets with other nutritional additives. It is also a very sustainable food source. Eating bugs is the wave of the future!
Not only are bugs in our home, but they are on our movie screens, art galleries and even our bellies! Society at times can vilify the pests that destroy our homes. If you would like us to add a pest that you know of in pop culture just add it below in our comments section and we would love to add more points to our post.

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