Pest Problems Caused By AC Units

Ah, the air conditioner one of the best investions next to the invention of the wheel.  But, what if we told you that your air conditioner could be causing you more harm then you think. I know, on those hot 90+ degree summer days nothing can convince you that an air conditioner unit could be causing you pest problems. There are ways you can enjoy the AC and avoid the pesky pest problems. Todays blog post will include some ways your air conditioner could be causing your pest control bills to rise.

  1. Moisture problems. Insects LOVE moisture. Many air conditioner units have a drain spout and leak condensation . Even worse, if installed incorrectly the units could be leaking into wall voids and window sills. Termites and ants love this moisture buildup. You could be battling ant problems not even realizing this simple fix. Just install a drip pan, drain plug or drain tube to redirect the excess water.
  2. Bird nests. Birds love air conditioner units. It is a great shelter from the elements and a cozy place to start a little family. Have a pest control professional inspect your air conditioner unit to make sure it is bird un-friendly. Having birds nest in your AC unit could cause bird mites to enter your home, or even ruin your air conditioner. Not to mention bird poop can be very difficult to remove!
  3. Mosquitos also love moisture. Be sure that the air conditioner is draining properly to prevent mosquito breeding. If the AC unit is not draining it could be filled with water, which mosquitos love.
  4. Flying insects can fly right into your home VIA the air vents. There are ways to pest proof a air conditioner unit to prevent this type of problem to occur.
I know, it sounds a bit crazy. You would be surprised on how often these problems actually occur. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, good! But not that you are educated on the problems that could occur we hope you take the proper steps to prevent these problems before they cost you thousands. If you have any other tips or advice please add it below.

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