Pest Control Is A Team Sport

When a customer calls a pest control company they sometimes have unreasonable expectations of errdication. With no work done on the customers part they want the pests gone and they want them gone NOW. Naturally as a customer you’d think “Well, yeah what am I paying you to do?”. Most of the time as PCOs we can indeed get rid of the problem with little help from your end. There are other times where we need your help big time. Today we will speak about in what situations we need customers help and how they can help.

So you’re noticing Rats running around outside your home as if its a playground. Jumping out of sewers, trash cans in the street and then running into your backyard to burrow. As pest control professionals there are a few things we can do to eliminate this issue. We always love to monitor the situation first. Monitoring helps us understand what type of products to use and where to apply these products. We may want to return on a monthly or quarterly basis to re apply our products, but thats only half the battle. As a customer you have to do your part in this situation. Reach out to the local sanitation department and explain to them that the garbage bins sometimes are poorly managed and ask what they can do about this. Explain to them you often see rats running into the trash receptacles. If you’re in NYC you can dial 311 and make a report so the city can join forces and do their part to help with their end as far as sanitation and investigating further. If you have open trash cans you may want to cover these with rodent resistant lids to prevent the rats from being attracted to your area. If your yard is burrowed into often by rats there are even times when people turn their yard into cement.
When Pest control pros get a call from a customer about German & American cockroaches its usually when the problem is a bit bigger then the customer understands. Again as PCOs we will come to the account to monitor the situation and identify the type of roach. Once identification is made treatment will begin. We can promise to eliminate the current problem but cannot promise that in due time the problem will not return if you don’t do you’re part. In NYC waterbugs are a big problem in basements and cellars of homes. Usually there are damp conditions, standing water and even open sewer lines which help breed conditions for American Cockroaches. During the treatment the PCO should inspect and make recommendations as to what they recommend you do to prevent further issues. A dehumidifier may be necessary in a damp basement. You also may be asked to clear any debris that could be harboring the American Cockroaches. For an additional fee, a mesh screen can be installed over sewer caps and pipe openings to prevent further entry into the home. Follow the directions of your technician or you’ll be flushing money down the drain. With German Cockroaches its a good idea to keep those kitchen cabinets clean and free of debris. Using glass canisters for foodstuff is a great way to keep the roaches out of the boxes that we all know they love to hide in. When you return from grocery shopping, throw out those boxes ASAP and put the products into a glass jar. We will usually reccomend to customers with high level infestations to clean out their cabinets once a month and use a vacuum to suck up any crumbs. As the problem gets better you still want to keep up with this maintenance.
Bed Bugs are usually all up to the pest professional to eradicate. The only effort we ask the customer to consider is where they may have gotten this issue and be careful not to reintroduce new bed bugs to their homes. Although we all know its very difficult for us to figure out how we’ve brought home these critters, just always keep an eye and ear open. When visiting friends, relatives or going on vacation always have your bed bug alert antenna up!
Next time you’re in the market for a good pest control company please remember that pest control is a joint effort. You are to expect after hiring the pest control company a great reduction and even elimination of your problem. The main pointer is to listen to any recommendations your PCO makes during his treatment. If you have a pest problem at home and would like some recommendations or tips leave a comment below or contact us at [email protected]. We would love to help in anyway possible.

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