Pest Control and Hoarders

Very often  when treating an apartment for pests, we will run into the problems associated with a hoarder living in the building. To be honest, we could care less if tenants are clean or messy. The real problem is when the origin of an infestation is found to be in the most messy apartments. Having a few things out of place is a manageable problem.When a tenant is a bit messy, we try to educate them of a few IPM methods to help the problem get better. But when a customer or tenant is suffering from compulsive hoarding- it is a different story. These individuals will  usually save anything and everything, even if they have no room for it in their home.  The lack of cleanliness paired with the large amount of stuff, make for an ideal harborage for pests. The hoarders them selves do not usually affect others, but the condition of their apartments do. Most of the time they are elderly and scared of what may happen to them if they let a stranger into their home. Their biggest fear is eviction. Today we will list a few reasons why these apartments are problems.

When a hoarder has a problem such as bed bugs, the problem will go unnoticed to the other tenants until another tenant notices a  bed bug problem  in their apartment. By that time, it means the infestation is of a high level and difficult to treat for. Treating an apartment of an hoarder with an excessive amount of clutter for bed bugs is very difficult. The hoarder will usually not cooperate with our directions for treatment. The end result is usually eviction after months and months of no cooperation.

Another problem is uncleanliness. Many hoarders live in filth, which is a perfect breeding ground for rodents. Trying to treat buildings for rodents are usually a standard service. But Similar to bed bugs, if we cannot treat the problem apartments where the rodent seem to be nesting then it can be a battle. Hoarders apartments could harbor many bacteria that cause infection and disease, so please protect your self before entering (PPE – Gloves, Mask, Tyvek Suit)
Hoarding is usually found in individuals that suffer from other mental disorders. Educate your self on obsessive hoarding disorder before addressing a tenant with this problem. You can put your self in danger by speaking to them in the wrong way. Try to speak to them about it in a gentle way and just have them understand why a professional opinion is needed. Sometimes a psychologist may need to get involved in the process. If you know someone who suffers from hoarding and needs any type of pest control have them contact us at (718)336-0634. Even if it is out of state we are willing to give any advice or help. We have successfully dealt with this issue so we may be able to give you some tips to help.

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