New Years Resolution 2015: Tips to stay bug free

Well, its 2015! Its the new year so time for a new you..right? Many optimistic people set personal goals for the new year. The common  New Years resolutions are things like losing weight, beginning to exercise, eating better –usually self growth. Not many people have pests in mind for their 2015 resolution ideas. Here at Northeastern Exterminating we want to remind you that a clean house is a clean mind and clean body. Keeping the pests away by creating conditions that are less habitable for pests are ideal for the new year and will make you overall a healthier, more energetic person.

In todays blog we will help give you tips that you can use to keep the pests out of your home for the new year.
An common but lesser known way that many pests enter your home is by hitch hiking on objects. German roaches love corrugated cardboard boxes. The corrugation allows for the perfect place for them to hide inside. Cardboard boxes are how many homeowners introduce pests, specifically roaches, into their homes. Empty boxes at supermarkets that are used to bunch the groceries together for deliveries should not be brought into the home. Another time when many strange boxes are being put into your home is during moving. When moving, try to remove your stuff as soon as possible and then discard boxes. The longer you leave these boxes sitting in your home the greater the chance is that nomad roach found a new home! Say no to cardboard boxes and yes to a clutter free environment.
Having lived with young children and a growing family my whole life I understand how difficult it is to keep the kitchen clean on a daily basis. Keeping a clean kitchen is difficult when living a busy life, working a job, raising kids, cooking dinner, paying bills and so on. Knowing that pest waste can cause to trigger and cause allergies and asthma in children and adults it is imperative for you as the parent/adult to keep your kitchen in tip top shape. Here are tips to keep pests out of your kitchen:
  1. Do not let your garbage spill over and keep your garbage bag in a trash can with a lid.
  2. Dry any standing water. As we all know water is the life source for all living things. No excess water, less chance of survival for the critters. Also no dishes in the sink, EVER.
  3. Keep food and food particles off your counter and off plates. Again, no dishes in the sink!
  4. Remove everything out of your cabinets once a month and wipe all cabinets clean. Spray  cabinet hinges and tracks with rubbing alcohol and wipe clean.
To keep pests out of your home in the first place, perform a quarterly inspection of your home. Check for large cracks and crevices. As seasonal changes occur, outside pests seek the warmth inside. Every pest in your area will run for cover as their season comes to an end. Think like a mouse! Seal any openings in baseboards with caulking. Install door sweeps on garages and main doorways. You don’t have the ability to be perfect, but trying you best will increase the odds that pest will not be able to enter.
As always, hire an exterminator. It sounds like a one sided opinon. Although I am in business to make money, I understand that pest control is a necessity. I treat my own home on a quarterly basis for pest control and constantly perform preventaive measures on my home to prevent pest entry. Keeping current with all your maintainence that your home service providers suggest will keep your home a happy, and safe home. Don’t forget that the conditions that you live in should always be kept up to par. Your home is your castle!

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