Local Business vs. National Company

As the owner of Northeastern Exterminating, i understand that when customers are in need for a service at their homes they are faced with a very common scenario. “Do i choose a larger national chain, or a local guy?”. Today i am going to tell you my perspective of it. Since at one time i  have worked at a larger nation wide company, and currently own my own pest control business i will give you my perspective. Although it may be a bit bias, i hope it sways you in either direction. I hope to get you on our side, but ill try to be honest!

So you just saw some ants and heard that your friend  knows this guy Joseph Molluso. Joe has a Pest Control business in brooklyn named Northeastern Exterminating. At the same time you listen to the radio a lot and hear much to-do about Orkin, Terminix etc and want to know who to choose.
  1. Customer Recognition. When you call my office, i promise you by the end of the day ill know you are a customer. Sometimes ill even call you just to make sure you got the good treatment by my employees. In 6 months if someone reminds me a bit about you, i will remember your situation and remember speaking with you. Now sometimes with these bigger companies this doesn’t happen. I have a question for all you people out there who use national companies. How often has the CEO given you a call? Just doesn’t happen. Local businesses develop relationships period.
  2. Economy. I speak about this a lot because it is very true. When you hire a local business it is pumping dollars back into your local economy. I probably shop at similar stores as you, and my employees might too. Your money goes into my company bank account. In turn that pays my employees who need to spend money to survive. That dollar your spending on our service goes right back into your area, somehow. Now with larger chain companies, sure they pay their man a decent salary. Much of your payment is going into a central office and nowhere  near your local economy. If you choose local, MORE of your hard earned dollars will stay in Brooklyn, NYC.
  3. Expert Advice. When you call my business, if i don’t pick up someone who is experienced will. They don’t read off any sheets, and aren’t prepped to sell jobs. They are there to answer questions and help you in getting rid of your pest problem. National wide companies are very helpful at times, but usually have sales people answer the phones who may be reading a script about your particular pest problem.
  4. Direct Control. Since my company dwarfs in size to some of the larger companies, i can control scheduling, hours, pricing, treatments etc. If i hear that someone is living in a low income area, and i really feel for them i can change the price with the snap of a finger. Although i don’t do it often, sometimes people need help. If i see one of my workers is a little tired, i send him home with a full days pay. When the workers are happy, and the customers are happy the company is happy.
Not all local businesses are the best either, and sometimes you can get a better quality service with a national brand. National companies have good oversight and strict guidelines which in turn could give a great service. I don’t want you to think for a second i am down talking these companies. They are all great american companies and many of the techs are hard working guys/gals. I just want you to understand us smaller guys, the local businesses are in it cause we love it. We want everyone to be happy and believe it or not bugs are the last thing we think about. Please comment below, if you work for either or both i would love to hear your feed back. Customers also feel free to comment!

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