Investing Your Powerball Winnings In Pest Control Services

Since this Wednesday the powerball lottery drawing winnings will be close to $1.5 billion it made us think where that money could go to make a difference. Depending on the state you live in, if you take the lump sum, after taxed its right under a billion dollars.  If you’re in the 44 states where the powerball lotto is played and you win, we are sure you have your dreams and fantasies. Buying islands, retiring, even buying your parents a nice retirement home and making sure your relatives are. What if we told you that you could actually pay for pest control services for everyone who is currently dealing with a serious pest issue? Instead of buying a boat how about hiring a PCO for everyone suffering from bed bug infestations? Seems ridiculous but there are many people out in the united states with serious pest infestation who could use a free service, or two. Here we’ve posted how many services you could buy people in need.
  • Instead of buying the Buffalo Bills NFL football team you could buy 1,700,000 bed bug services for families in need across the country. Hey, you can even throw in some mattress encasements!
  • Instead of buying an iPhone for 2 million of your closest friends you could probably solve all of the rat infestations in NYC! That would be baiting all of about 500 subway stations. As a native New Yorker, I know we need it!
  • Want to buy an island? You may able to do that, but you may also be able to keep food born illnesses at a low  level by treating close to 2 million commercial restaurant kitchens for pests like flies and rodents.
  • You can also create your own pest seeking drones. You’ll have enough money to invest and create a pest control drone start up, so get to work!
You may have to hire many pest control companies to perform these services OR you can just buy your own! With the billion dollars you may be able to buy the top 10 pest control companies in the nation and put them all to work! We think this would be doing the nation some good, rather then spending it all on your self. Be a philanthropic pest control fairy! So if you’ve ended up winning the drawing you can do all these great things and more! We also know of a company based out of Brooklyn who does great bed bug services if you’re in need.

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