In NYC Your Landlord Is Responsible, But Are They Responsible?

It is a delight for NYC residents who are victims of pest infestations to learn that the NYC lawleaves the responsibility for pest control on the property owner. The great part of this law is that you don’t have to lift a finger or pay a dime to exterminate. As soon as you begin to notice any types of pest in your apartment your landlord must exterminate or they can receive a steep violation. The down side to this is they they can use whomever they want. Cheap Charlie’s, unlicensed, and unexperienced are all possibilities when your landlord is hiring someone. Since everyone wants to save money where they can, landlords usually want to get the cheapest price for pest control.

 Before you think we are putting down landlords — were not. We always want to give recognition to the good landlords who do the right thing, right away. New York City is filled with wonderful landlords who do things by the book 24/7. We are just informing the tenants about their rights because there are many slumlords that take advantage of the fresh out-of-towers. Today we will tell you how to make sure your getting a good job when your landlord sends his exterminator.
  1. Get the name of the company. Check online here to see if the company is currently licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental  Protection. If you see their name its a good sign and you can move on to step number 2. If their name is not displayed on the website then you can contact the NYSDEC and ask if the company is licensed. Tell them about the situation at hand.
  2. Get the name of the technician. Check this website to see if the individual is licensed. Also ask the technician to show you his/her license if it is not in plain view. If they refuse to show you any identification then you refuse to let them in.
  3. Prior to treating find out what chemicals they will use. Also ask what methods they use. Find out if they are treating/inspecting the neighboring apartments for the pest. Chances are if you live in a building, your neighbors are sharing a similar problem. Failure to treat the problem at its source could lead to your pest problem to continue. Do your research about the chemicals they are treating with.
  4. Do your research about the company. Although bad reviews are not the ‘end all be all’ its still worth looking into. Call your local consumer affairs office or BBB office to find out if the company has any complaints against them.
It may sound ridiculous to take these steps but misapplying pesticides or rodenticides is no laughing matter. When you take these steps, be kind. Many landlords hire reputable pest control firms. You just don’t want to get stuck with a bad exterminator.You can read here about when you can hire your own and deduct from the rent. We don’t recommend this as common practice, but only as a last resort. If you have any questions or feel stuck and need advice give us a call! Always here to help never to hurt (718)336-0634

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