Importance of Before and After Photos

Whether you’re a roofer, plumber or an exterminator it is very important for you to take before and after photos to provide to your customer after the service is performed. As a professional, before and after photos could benefit you in many ways and essentially be your best friend. When performing pest control services these before and after photos are great for both parties as far as liability issues. Post treatment Before and after photos may also help the customer understand what was done, what areas need to be repaired and what locations were treated. A picture says a thousand words and in the longterm it gives your technicians less explaining to do and gives everyone (Even the supervisor) a visual of the job done. To be polite be sure to ask the customers permission prior to taking any photos on the property.

Included in all of Northeastern Exterminating’s invoices we will always include a detailed report along with timestamped before and after photos. We also note any property damage that strikes our attention prior to the work incase the customer tries to bring up a liability issue. Prior to the work we ask the customers if there is any valuable property or items they want us to be careful with during treatment. Recently we were blamed for breaking a customers guitar, but our photos saved us due to the guitar appearing in perfect condition in the background of one of the photos.
  • Termite treatments are one of the main treatments where before and after photos will be helpful. As a professional you are able to note to the customer the areas of concern that may need to be repaired. You can record the areas that show damage for proof of why the treatment is needed which helps those people who may have feel like they just have been ripped off. Photos of drill holes and patch holes can also be helpful. You may also want to note if you notice any future pest control work that may need to be done at an added fee.
  • Taking before and after photos during bed bug treatment could be the most tedious type but they are also very important. Since expensive items, old items, musical instruments, and jewelry are often left in peoples homes during treatments photos can save your technical if the customer claims a piece of the furniture is stained or cracked. Keep in mind when taking the bed bug photos you can note when new bugs or evidence are found, all areas that were treated, and the condition of all sensitive items after the treatment has been done.
  • When providing a customer with a rodent service you may note areas where the customer may want to pay for extra services such as rodent clean up or exclusionary services.
  • When accounts have children, elderly, or pets in the home you may want to take photos of the manner that all materials and products were applied to show that common sense and professionalism was used during placement. For example if there is a dog in the home you may want to take photos of the label for the material used as well as any pet proof bait stations you may used.
As the last photo on the invoice if you want to make it more personal you can take a selfie with a thumbs up so the customer remembers their technician for years to come! When a homeowner knows exactly what is being done in their castle, they will always feel more happy with the service. It may cause a few more questions from the homeowner, but an educated customer is a happy customer and a happy customer is a return customer!

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