Importance of An Annual Pest Inspection

As a homeowner it’s very important that you have a pest control company that can perform an annual pest inspection. It is everyone’s worst night mare to have to spend time and money on unexpected home repair projects.  The introduction of pests into your home could cause many types of structural damage as well as raise some health concerns. Rather than waiting for an evident problem to be present, a pest inspection could save you anywhere from hundred of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. In today’s blog post we will list some inspections you should ask your pest control company in NYC to perform on your home.

  1. Termites are known to cause billions of dollars worth of damage a year in the United States. Neglecting to have a termite inspection performed on your home or business could cause you to spend lots of money. Termites are silent vandals. Sometimes homeowners do not understand the extent of the problem till the Sheetrock walls are pulled off their homes. Make sure you do your due diligence when hiring a termite inspector. If they find active termite damage make sure they explain and show you what they see before any treatments are done. An annual termite inspection could save you lots of aggravation and time.
  2. Bed bug inspections are normally done when people suspect that bed bugs may be present in their homes. Waiting for a problem to be evident may be too late. There are many cases when people are non reactive to bed bug bites. Those people only notice bed bug infestations when they actually see bugs. Having an experienced bed bug inspection company to come to your home once every 12 months to perform a thorough bed bug inspection may be in your best interest. Although bed bugs do not spread any disease or cause any damage to your home, they can be a nuisance to live with. Letting an infestation develop without a professional intervention can be a major cause of stress and depression. To prevent this we recommend an annual bed bug inspection. If the inspector finds evidence of bed bugs, demand they show you the evidence that they found.
  3. Outside Perimeter Pest Inspections are inspections that are done by an exterminator who may specialize in animal control or rodent control. This would include a detailed look of all areas, top to bottom, of the outside of your home. What the inspector would be looking for is holes in screens, open pipes, ripped roof shingles. These types of inspections are necessary to stop the entry of rabid animals and disease spreading rodents. The service that would be provided to prevent the entry of these pests would be called a rodent/animal exclusion service.
Although there are many other inspections that should be done on your home to keep up with basic home care, these are the major ones that you should hire an exterminator for. If you need any of these inspections and live in the 5 boroughs of NYC give us a call at 718-336-0634.

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