How to approach a bed bug infestation

We notice that in our area of Brooklyn, New York that many companies approach bed bug infestations in a different way. There a variety of ways to attack a bed bug problem and many of them are correct. Pest control companies use what works best for them. Some things you may want to consider when hiring a bed bug extermination company, other than their approach, are their credentials and experience. In todays blog we will touch a bit on our approach. We wont give away all our secrets, but just touch on why we do, what we do. Many customers believe its just as easy as walking into the room and doing the old ‘spray and pray’.

  1. Initial Phone Call. When the customer calls, they just want to get down to brass tacks. They want to know one thing. Price. Our job is to try to get all the information we can about the problem. Then we have to explain, with bed bugs that its not as simple as a roach infestation or mouse problem. We explain that each infestation is quite unique so its great to perform a bed bug inspection. When we have spent some time with them on the phone, we gain their trust and send someone by to perform a bed bug inspection.
  2. Inspection. During the inspection we sit with the client. We ask them many questions to understand how long they have been experiencing bites. Time frame is very important with bed bugs because they do reproduce rather quickly. We also want to know if they know of any neighbors or relatives who may have had a similar problem. Not only do we treat for the bed bugs but we like to make sure that the problem does not re-renter your home from the same source. Now its time to inspect. During the inspection we check to see if it is indeed bed bugs. If we determine bed bugs are present we then look a bit deeper. We check all areas, of all bed rooms. With a check list handy we make sure to check every where for bed bugs. When we are done with the inspection we will give you any necessary bed bug preparations.
  3. Price. Our price is solely based on how much work and man power must be used. The reasons bed bug treatments are more then other pests is because bed bug treatments are very labor intensive. Although NYC is a very competitive bed bug treatment market, we will always stick to our prices. Remember, you get what you pay for!
  4. Method. After the price we explain what method we plan on using. We also will explain what guarantee we are able to offer you.
Although we just briefly spoke on this topic, we dont want to reveal our secrets. Never hire someone over the phone, to treat the next day sight unseen. The reason for this blog post was because we want our customers and clients to understand that there are a few bad apples out there who are giving low prices and causing bed bug problems to be worse. We know this because we are being hired more and more to clean up the cheap companies mess. Use your logic, if its too good to be true it probably is.
Remember! Our doors are always open. You can give us a call at 718-336-0634. Even if you don’t hire us, or are using another company we will always give you our free advice!

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