How Pest Control Can Save A Life

When everyday people hear the word “pest control” they may think of bugs, chemicals, uniforms, exterminators, but do they think of saving lives? Pest Control pros may not directly be able to save a life as a physician or surgeon would but there are indirect ways that service man can indirectly be life savers. On a weekly basis, Service men may witness potential hazards to homeowners and their children. It is their duty as service people to bring these hazards to homeowners or law enforcement attention. When PCO’s are entering all types of homes for pest control they always have their eyes and ears wide open for any dangers for their clients. It may not feel like their duty, but if they over look a problem that causes injury or death they will feel lifelong guilt. Never look past your scope of duties as a PCO. If you see something, say something.

Chirping Smoke Alarms are very common problem to witness when treating low income housing developments. As of 2007 we carry 9V batteries to provide homeowners and tenants with when we notice their smoke alarm battery is low. A little bit goes a long way. If your are a PCO and are servicing a home and hear the infamous “Chirp” it is now your moral duty to either bring it to the homeowners attention or just change the battery all together. A 9V battery can cost anywhere from $3-6 and can actually save the life of a whole family. Please don’t turn a blind eye to this.
Child Neglect or abuse is a big problem that we have run into many times.There was an instance in which we had to report a tenant in a home because we witnessed Babies and children laying in urine soaked beds with no parents to be seen. There may also be situations where drug dealing could be in progress inside the home in-front of the children. There are even some cases where you may see Weapons or drugs that are in arms hands reach of small children. Never try to get involved or tell the parents what they are doing is wrong. Many Techs have the “Its not my business attitude” and thats the wrong attitude. Whenever you witness any form of neglect or abuse toward children it is your duty to call your local Department of Health or Department of Childs Services. Anything you suspect as child abuse, domestic violence or any illicit activity should be reported.
GAS OR CO2 Leaks are dangerous. When performing a service in a home and you suspect a gas or co2 leak IMMEDATELY call 911. Within the past year, there has been a couple of building explosions in NYC due to illegal construction and old pipe age. Each one of our technicians are staffed with a CO2/Gas alert clip detector by honeywell. It may be pricey but are actually priceless life savers.  These are similar to the ones that FDNY and NYPD may wear on calls. These detectors pay for themselves as we don’t want our techs to enter an enclosed space that may put them in harms way. So far we have not needed to dial 911 but these are a great addition to any service pro that normally crawls in tight dangerous spaces. They are true life savers
Home Pest Evaluations are a very common occurrence in our industry. Other then looking for the pests we also check for structural damage. Please report any dangerous structural damage to the homeowner when you see it. If possible provide them with photos of what concern you. Explain to them if they do not take care of this problem ASAP the home has a chance of being compromised and even collapsing. During home inspections you may notice mold, humid conditions or sweaty pipes. Please alert the homeowner of these conditions so it does not cause any negative health conditions.
When pest control professionals are inside different homes on a daily basis there is no telling what they situation they may walk into. If you see a safety hazard don’t forget to alert the homeowner. Please remember not get involved in any fighting or violence. The only important aspect of your job is to know what to report and where to report it. Some technicians don’t care, some look the other way but if your abusing your children, doing anything illegal or hiding from the government don’t give us a call! When you see something dangerous do your part and help your neighbor. On every home you enter think of ethics, values, laws and morals. I like to go to sleep at night with the angel on my shoulder and a smile on my face so remember, always do the right thing! Help your fellow man.

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